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Train Regression Model

You are a data scientist, write Python code for me. I have a dataset with columns [model,hp,speed].

Data Visualization

I have a dataset with 100 rows columns [id, name, grade, subject]. Create a matplotlib bar chart of

Data Exploration

I have a dataset of 100 rows and four columns:[id, name, grade, subject]. Write R code for data visu

Data Cleaning

I have a text classification dataset. Write Python code for data cleaning.

Generate Data

Generate a fake data with 100 rows and 4 columns: [id,name,grade,subject]


Give me some tips on how to improve the efficiency of my spreadsheet?

Dummy Data

Generate the dummy data for me to use as placeholders in my spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets Formula

Create a spreadsheet formula to calculate the sum of cells B1 to B20?

Calculate Runway

Write SQL to calculate my runway.

Calculate Average

Write the SQL code that works for PostgreSQL 14. I have a table with two columns [date, temp]. I wou

Translate Between DBMS

What is the equivalent of PostgreSQL's DATE_TRUNC for MySQL?

SQL Formatting

Format the following SQL code and convert all reserved keywords to uppercase. `[code-snippet]`

Optimize Code

Can you improve the time complexity of the code? `[code-snippet]`

Code Explanation

Can you explain what the code is doing? `[code- snippet]`

Unit Test

Write a unit test for train function. The test cases are: x should not be null value and y should be

Career Coaching

I am looking for a role as a data engineer. My background is management. What should I do in 6 month

AB Testing

[case-study]. Please design an A/B test for this purpose. Please include the concrete steps on which

Suggest Resources

I would like to learn about deep learning. Please suggest 3 best specific resources.

Dataset Suggestion

I want to build a predictive model for image classifiers. Can you please suggest the five most relev