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An open-source AI content search engine designed specifically for content creators. Supports extraction of text, images, and short videos. Allows full local deployment (web app, RAG server, LLM server).0
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What is Qmedia?

QMedia is an innovative AI content search engine tailored for content creators, providing robust tools to search, analyze, and organize image, text, and short video materials. This open-source platform integrates diverse content types into a cohesive, multimodal RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) system, enabling efficient information extraction and customized search results. With capabilities for local deployment, QMedia ensures privacy and offline accessibility, making it a versatile tool for various creative and research needs.

Key Features

  1. Content Cards 🃏: Display image, text, and video content in an intuitive card format for easy browsing and understanding.

  2. Multimodal Content RAG 🔍: Efficiently searches and extracts information from images, text, and short videos, presenting detailed answers and content breakdowns.

  3. Local Deployment 🌐: Supports offline content search and Q&A with private data, ensuring data privacy and security.

  4. Customizable Search 📊: Generates search results tailored to user interests and needs, enhancing relevance and usability.

  5. Flexible Model Deployment ⚙️: Allows separate deployment of web services, RAG services, and model services for optimal resource management.

  6. Image/Text/Video Model Services 📸: Utilizes advanced models for image embedding, text embedding, OCR, and video transcription, providing comprehensive content analysis and understanding.

Use Cases

  1. Content Creation: A blogger uses QMedia to find relevant images, texts, and short videos to enrich their articles, ensuring high-quality and engaging content.

  2. Research and Analysis: A market researcher deploys QMedia locally to analyze trends in short video content, extracting valuable insights without compromising data security.

  3. Educational Tools: An educator uses QMedia to gather and present multimedia resources for interactive lessons, making learning more dynamic and engaging for students.


QMedia stands out as a powerful tool for content creators and researchers, offering a seamless blend of search, analysis, and organization of multimedia content. Its local deployment capability ensures privacy, while its customizable search functions enhance user experience. Dive into the efficiency and versatility of QMedia to streamline your content creation and research processes. Experience firsthand how QMedia can transform the way you interact with multimedia content, providing precise and valuable insights at your fingertips.

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