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RAFA is a modern investment research platform for US markets and cryptocurrencies. RAFA apps empower investors by providing instant access to market insights generated by advanced quantitative and AI models.0
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What is RAFA AI?

RAFA, an acronym for “Revolutionary AI Investing Agents,” is a cutting-edge software designed to revolutionize the world of investing. It functions as a personalized team of AI agents, each specializing in different aspects of investing, such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, momentum, portfolio strategy, risk analysis, and macro analysis. RAFA’s primary goal is to maximize investment returns by continuously monitoring portfolios and market conditions, adapting to individual trading behaviors, and learning from past trading successes and mistakes.

Main Features:

  1. Personalized AI Investing Agents:RAFA employs specialized AI agents that provide tailored investment advice based on individual trading patterns and investment styles. These agents function as relentless allies, constantly learning and adapting to improve investment strategies.

  2. Advanced Analytics and Insights:RAFA offers deep financial analysis, including earnings, SEC filings, market news, and technical trends. Its agents, like Analyst Pro, News Guru, Strategy Wiz, Quant Pro, and Options Pro, provide comprehensive insights into potential opportunities and risks.

  3. Revolutionary Multi-Agent Architecture:Unlike traditional large language models, RAFA combines advanced quantitative models with large language models, enabling a hybrid approach that enhances decision-making and strategy development.

  4. AI-Powered Screener:RAFA simplifies the investment selection process by identifying the best opportunities each day, tailored to the user’s preferences and portfolio.

  5. Deep View Analysis:This feature offers AI trend scores, support and resistance levels, and risk assessments, providing a streamlined market analysis.

Application Scenarios:

  1. Personal Investors:RAFA assists individual investors in making informed decisions, whether they are novices, experienced traders, or long-term investors. It caters to those who lack time but possess significant ambition in the investment realm.

  2. Portfolio Management:For portfolio managers, RAFA offers a comprehensive tool to analyze and optimize portfolios, providing insights into market dynamics and potential risks.

  3. Market Analysis:Analysts and researchers can utilize RAFA to stay updated with live macro data, sector performances, and trending stocks, ensuring they never miss crucial market movements.


RAFA represents the fusion of advanced technology and personalization in the investment sector. It’s more than just an app; it’s a team of powerful AI allies guiding investors through the complexities of the market with precision and confidence. With RAFA, investors can elevate their investment strategies to new heights, leveraging AI-driven insights and strategies without the need for extensive trial and error. RAFA is the gateway to AI-powered investing mastery, tailored for every investor type and market condition.

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