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What is Resolvd?

Resolvd is an incident response tool that automates data aggregation, runbook creation, and root cause analysis. It is designed to eliminate developer toil and reduce time spent on manual log review. Resolvd also offers simple data querying and automated anomaly detection, allowing engineers to resolve issues faster and focus on the actual problem. With powerful AI/ML models, Resolvd analyzes logs, aggregates critical context, and delivers insights directly into existing systems.

Key Features:

1. Automated Data Aggregation: Resolvd automatically collects and aggregates data from various sources, including logs, metrics, docs, and communication data. This allows for a unified view of the incident and provides responders with critical context.

2. Dynamic Runbook Creation: Resolvd creates dynamic runbooks that guide responders through the incident response process. These runbooks are tailored to the specific incident and provide step-by-step instructions, reducing response time and ensuring consistency.

3. Root Cause Analysis: Resolvd employs powerful AI/ML models to analyze logs and identify insights, patterns, and anomalies. By automatically surfacing these findings, Resolvd helps engineers pinpoint the root cause of the issue and resolve it more efficiently.

Use Cases:

- Incident Response Acceleration: Resolvd can be effectively utilized in incident response scenarios where time is of the essence. By automating data aggregation, creating dynamic runbooks, and providing insights, Resolvd helps accelerate the resolution process and reduce downtime.

- Log Review Efficiency: Resolvd is valuable for teams that deal with large volumes of logs and need to quickly identify relevant information. With its centralized hub and semantic search capabilities, Resolvd simplifies the process of querying and reviewing logs, saving time and improving efficiency.

- Proactive Issue Detection: Resolvd's automated anomaly detection feature allows teams to proactively identify critical issues in their logs. By filtering out noise and highlighting anomalies, Resolvd enables engineers to address potential problems before they escalate.

Resolvd is a powerful incident response tool that streamlines the resolution process by automating data aggregation, runbook creation, and root cause analysis. With its ability to reduce manual log review time, provide centralized data querying, and offer proactive alerting, Resolvd empowers engineers to resolve issues faster and focus on the most critical tasks. By integrating seamlessly with existing systems, Resolvd supercharges incident response and enhances overall efficiency.

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