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Improve image resolution with deep learning. Join hundreds of thousands of photographers who use Gigapixel AI for printing, cropping, restoration, and more.0
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What is Topaz GigapixelAi?

Gigapixel AI is a powerful tool that uses deep learning to enhance photo quality by increasing image resolution and adding realistic details. It is widely used by photographers and designers for printing, cropping, restoration, and more. The software's neural networks are trained on a vast range of images to accurately fill in missing pixels and create high-quality results. Gigapixel AI can improve image quality, create better prints, enable better zooming and cropping, and even enhance low-resolution faces. It offers an easy workflow and can be used as a standalone product or as a plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop. With Gigapixel AI, users can achieve remarkable results and significantly enhance their photos.

Key Features:

1. Image Resolution Enhancement: Gigapixel AI uses deep learning to increase image resolution in a natural way, avoiding blocky low-quality results. It accurately fills in missing pixels and can upscale images of various subjects and types.

2. Photo Quality Improvement: The software can make images appear as if they were captured with a higher-quality camera. It has been trained on diverse images to understand what photo detail should look like, resulting in natural image resolution enhancement with minimal artifacts.

3. Face Recovery AI: Gigapixel AI v6.1 introduces Face Recovery AI, which enhances low-resolution faces with remarkable detail and texture. It can upscale faces by 600% while maintaining accuracy.

Use Cases:

1. Printing and Restoration: Gigapixel AI is ideal for creating high-quality prints by enlarging photo size and increasing image resolution. It ensures that every small detail is preserved, resulting in visually stunning prints. Additionally, the software can restore old and low-quality images, improving their overall quality.

2. Zooming and Cropping: With Gigapixel AI, users can zoom into their images without losing quality. The increased image resolution enables precise cropping and reveals finer details, allowing for more flexibility in post-processing.

3. Video and Computer Graphics: While primarily designed for still images, Gigapixel AI can also be used for video enhancement and computer graphics. Creators have achieved impressive results with computer-generated images and videos by utilizing Gigapixel AI's advanced upscaling technology.

Gigapixel AI is a game-changing tool for photographers and designers seeking to enhance their photo quality and achieve professional results. Its deep learning capabilities and advanced upscaling technology ensure that images are upscaled with realistic details and minimal artifacts. Whether it's for printing, restoration, zooming, or cropping, Gigapixel AI offers a seamless workflow and delivers impressive results. With its wide range of applications and practical value, Gigapixel AI has become a go-to solution for professionals in the industry.

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Updated Date: 2023-11-18
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