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UpRock is a people-powered AI data rewards network that allows users to share their internet bandwidth and earn rewards while contributing to an open AI data ecosystem.0
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What is UpRock?

UpRock, a pioneering AI-driven platform, transforms the way we engage with data, offering a decentralized, people-powered network. With a focus on democratizing access to AI's raw power, UpRock's core lies in Rocket, your AI doggo, and the Knowledge Abstraction Layer (KAL), designed to fetch deals, insights, and rewards while ensuring data privacy and integrity. This innovative ecosystem converts your device's unused bandwidth into a revenue stream, fueling the AI revolution while enriching your wallet. Whether you're looking to earn passive income or want to contribute to an AI liberation movement, UpRock is your gateway to the future.

Key Features

  1. People-Powered Data Rewards Network:UpRock harnesses unused device bandwidth through a mobile-first decentralized network, turning it into a revenue stream. Contribute to AI growth while earning passive rewards.

  2. Rocket: Your 24/7 AI Adventure Hacker:Experience personalized, real-time insights and deals with Rocket, UpRock's AI companion. Rocket fetches opportunities, maximizing your rewards while keeping your data safe.

  3. Knowledge Abstraction Layer (KAL):UpRock's KAL integrates advanced web crawling and LLM data extraction techniques, delivering uncensored global knowledge directly to your fingertips.

  4. AI Liberation Movement:Join the ranks of over 600k contributors, propelling the demand for an open AI future. Earn rewards, bypass data gatekeepers, and gain superior insights.

  5. Easy-to-Use Platform:Set it, forget it, and watch your rewards grow. UpRock offers a simple, intuitive interface that maximizes rewards while respecting privacy.

Use Cases

  1. Travel Rewards:Earn tokens and airtime minutes for sharing bandwidth, unlocking exclusive travel deals around the world.

  2. AI Enthusiast:Participate in AI discoveries and savings, leveraging real-time data to make informed decisions and investments.

  3. Data Privacy Champion:Support an ecosystem that respects privacy and avoids selling personal data, contributing to a safer internet.


Embrace the future with UpRock, where every share enriches your wallet and forges a smarter, liberated internet. By converting your idle bandwidth into rewards, you're not just earning but actively shaping an AI future that values transparency and fairness. Join now and take your first step towards an exciting, open AI landscape.


  1. How does UpRock ensure my personal data is safe?UpRock is committed to privacy and does not collect or sell personal browser history, ensuring your data remains strictly private.

  2. Can I use the UpRock app anywhere in the world?Yes, the UpRock Rewards app can be used globally, allowing you to contribute to the network and earn rewards from anywhere.

  3. Is there a cost to use the UpRock Rewards app?Absolutely not! The UpRock Rewards app is free to download and use. You only earn, there's no cost to you! Start your journey today and become part of the AI revolution.

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