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What is Vidds?

Vidds is a video creation tool that allows content teams and individuals to easily create high-quality videos in minutes. With AI-powered editing tools, a library of pre-designed templates, and a simplified video creation process, Vidds helps users scale their video production without sacrificing quality. Trusted by real companies, Vidds offers a powerful toolkit that includes features like auto-subtitles, auto-translate, and text-to-speech. With various pricing plans to choose from, Vidds caters to the needs of different users.

Key Features:

  1. AI Video Editing Tools: Vidds provides AI-powered video editing tools that enable users to generate ideas, develop storyboards, and create complete videos with just one click. This feature enhances creativity and productivity by simplifying the video creation process.

  2. Library of Pre-designed Templates: Vidds offers a vast library of professionally designed scene templates that users can easily customize to match their brand. This saves time and allows for quick and efficient video creation.

  3. Simplified Video Creation Process: Unlike traditional video editing software, Vidds allows users to create videos without a timeline. Users can build their videos scene-by-scene, making it as easy as using PowerPoint. This feature increases video production efficiency and enables users to create more videos in less time.

Use Cases:

  • Content Teams: Vidds is ideal for content teams who need to create engaging videos quickly. The AI video editing tools and pre-designed templates streamline the video creation process, allowing teams to produce high-quality videos at a faster pace.

  • Individuals: Vidds is also suitable for individuals who want to create professional-looking videos without the need for extensive video editing skills. The simplified video creation process and user-friendly interface make it accessible to users of all levels.

  • Multilingual Videos: Vidds offers features like auto-translate and text-to-speech, making it a valuable tool for businesses operating in multiple markets. Users can easily translate their videos into different languages and generate AI voiceovers, ensuring their content is understandable to a global audience.


Vidds is a powerful video creation tool that empowers content teams and individuals to produce high-quality videos quickly and efficiently. With its AI video editing tools, library of pre-designed templates, and simplified video creation process, Vidds offers a user-friendly solution for scaling video production without compromising on quality. Whether it's for content teams, individuals, or businesses operating in multiple markets, Vidds provides the necessary features to create engaging and multilingual videos.

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Updated Date: 2024-03-31
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