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Supercharge your Playwright tests with AI0
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What is ZeroStep?

ZeroStep's AI-powered function ai() enhances Playwright tests by leveraging the capabilities of GPT3.5 and GPT4. This integration simplifies test creation and makes them more adaptable to changes. By eliminating the need for CSS selectors or XPath locators, ZeroStep's AI assistant executes actions based on plain-text instructions, seamlessly integrating with Playwright. With ZeroStep, developers can script complex interactions and assertions using simple text commands.

Key Features:

1. AI-powered Test Automation: ZeroStep's ai() function replaces traditional selectors with AI-driven runtime actions, making test creation faster and more efficient.

2. Seamless Integration: ZeroStep seamlessly integrates with Playwright, allowing developers to incorporate AI into their tests without disrupting their existing development workflow.

3. Resilience to Change: By eliminating the reliance on specific locators, ZeroStep enables tests to be more resilient to changes in the application's markup, ensuring consistent test results.

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