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Experience the future of scientific labs with Ascenscia, the AI voice assistant designed to streamline your lab processes.0
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What is Ascenscia?

Ascenscia is a pioneering AI voice assistant meticulously crafted for the scientific laboratory environment. It seamlessly integrates with existing laboratory software and machines, offering a hands-free operation that streamlines data collection, automates repetitive tasks, and optimizes workflows. With the ability to process complex scientific terminologies with 97% accuracy, Ascenscia not only accelerates research and development cycles but also enhances the overall efficiency and precision of laboratory operations.

Key Features

  1. 🚀 Hands-Free Interaction: Integrates with lab software for voice-controlled operations.

    • "Ascenscia transforms your voice into a command center for your lab."

  2. 📊 Data Accessibility: Navigates lab data and workflows through simple voice commands.

    • "Access and manage your lab's data with unparalleled ease."

  3. 📝 Data Capturing: Captures experiment details on the go, maintaining structured data records.

    • "Document your experiments without breaking your workflow rhythm."

  4. 🏷️ Inventory Management: Locates samples and manages inventory by voice.

    • "Keep track of your samples effortlessly with voice-activated inventory control."

  5. ⏰ Additional Tasks: Handles side tasks like setting timers and performing calculations.

    • "Let Ascenscia manage the small tasks so you can focus on the big discoveries."

Use Cases

  1. Streamlining R&D: A pharmaceutical lab uses Ascenscia to expedite data collection, enabling faster development of new drugs.

    • "Ascenscia helps drug developers hit milestones ahead of schedule."

  2. Enhancing Accuracy: A biotech lab reduces errors in data reporting by using Ascenscia to manage and verify experiment data.

    • "Ascenscia ensures the integrity of your lab's data with precision."

  3. Improving Collaboration: An international research team leverages Ascenscia's multilingual capabilities to enhance communication and data sharing.

    • "Ascenscia breaks language barriers in the pursuit of scientific collaboration."


Ascenscia is more than just an AI voice assistant; it's the catalyst for a more efficient, precise, and productive laboratory environment. By automating data collection and optimizing workflows, it empowers scientists to focus on what truly matters—advancing the frontiers of science. Experience firsthand how Ascenscia can transform your lab's operations. Connect with us for a free demo and let Ascenscia elevate your research to new heights, without overpromising the transformative journey—it simply delivers.

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