Save time and streamline your video editing workflow with AutoPod. This powerful set of Adobe Premiere Pro plug-ins automates editing processes for video podcasts and shows.0
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What is AutoPod?

AutoPod is a set of Adobe Premiere Pro plug-ins that are specifically designed for video podcast and video show editors. It offers automatic editing for video podcasts and shows, saving users hours of production time. The plug-ins include a Multi-Camera Editor, Social Clip Creator, and Jump Cut Editor, each with their own unique features and advantages. AutoPod is a time-saving tool that automates various editing processes, making it a valuable asset for editors.

Key Features:

1. Multi-Camera Editor:

- Automatically edits Multi-Camera sequences, supporting up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones.

- Works for different camera configurations, including solo shots, two shots, three shots, four shots, and wide shots.

- Customizable to fit any editing method, such as standard cutting or multi-cam.

- Allows users to save presets for consistent use.

2. Social Clip Creator:

- Automatically creates clips for social media platforms in different aspect ratios (1920x1080, 1080x1350, and 1080x1920).

- Resizes sequence settings and footage sizes based on the selected aspect ratio.

- Offers options for auto-reframe, watermarks, and endpages.

- Clips can be stored in a folder and batch exported with a single click.

3. Jump Cut Editor:

- Automatically creates jump cuts in footage based on silence.

- Particularly useful for social clips that require engaging jump cuts.

- Users can input a decibel cutoff for their specific microphones to determine where cuts should be made.

Use Cases:

- Video Podcast Editing: AutoPod streamlines the editing process for video podcasts, allowing editors to automatically edit multi-camera sequences and create jump cuts during silent portions. This saves significant time and effort in post-production.

- Video Show Editing: For video show editors, AutoPod offers the convenience of automatically editing multi-camera sequences and creating social clips for different aspect ratios. This helps in creating engaging content for social media platforms.

- Social Media Content Creation: AutoPod's Social Clip Creator is a valuable tool for content creators who need to create clips for social media. It automatically resizes footage and adds desired elements like auto-reframe, watermarks, and endpages, making it easy to create professional-looking clips.


AutoPod is a powerful set of plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro that caters specifically to video podcast and video show editors. With its Multi-Camera Editor, Social Clip Creator, and Jump Cut Editor, AutoPod offers a range of features that automate various editing processes, saving users time and effort. Whether it's editing multi-camera sequences, creating social media clips, or adding jump cuts, AutoPod is a valuable tool for editors looking to streamline their workflow and produce high-quality content.

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