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A programming language to build strongly-typed LLM functions. BAML includes a VSCode LLM Playground and tracing / analytics out-of-thebox.0
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What is BAML?

BAML is a programming language that simplifies the process of calling Language Model Models (LLMs) by taking a type-first approach. It guarantees type safety and offers tools for a great developer experience. With BAML, you can define types for inputs and outputs, create prompt templates, and use a generated Python/Typescript client to call LLMs. The language also provides features like retries, fallbacks, and round-robin selection for robust LLM calls.

Key Features:

🔧 BAML Compiler: Transpiles BAML code to a native Python/Typescript library for development purposes.

🎨 VSCode Extension: Provides syntax highlighting for BAML files and a real-time prompt preview.

🔒 Type Safety: Ensures that the LLM returns data models or raises exceptions, with support for flexible parsing.

🚀 Multiple LLM Providers: Works with popular LLM providers like OpenAI, Azure, and Anthropic, with the option for beta access to Mistral and more.

📝 Comments in Prompts: Allows the inclusion of comments in prompts for better code readability.

Use Cases:

1. Function Calling: Easily call LLMs using BAML, simplifying tasks like extraction, classification, multi-shot, and symbol tuning.

2. Chain of Thought: Leverage reasoning techniques to plan and execute tasks by instructing the LLM on planning steps.

3. Classification: Get intent from customer messages by using BAML to classify the messages and take appropriate actions.


BAML is a powerful programming language that streamlines the process of calling LLMs, ensuring type safety and offering a great developer experience. With features like the BAML Compiler, VSCode Extension, and support for multiple LLM providers, BAML simplifies the integration of LLMs into your applications. By using BAML, you can easily perform tasks like function calling, chain of thought planning, and classification. Experience the efficiency and convenience of BAML for yourself and discover how it can streamline your operations. Get started with BAML today and unlock the full potential of LLMs in your projects.

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