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A testing and observability platform for LLM apps0
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What is Baserun?

Baserun is a Testing & Observability Platform for LLM Apps that helps AI teams ship their apps with confidence and speed. It allows users to gain insights into their LLM features, provides full visibility into end-to-end tests and user journeys, and offers an intuitive and flexible UI for evaluating and debugging. With Baserun, teams can collaborate effectively and ensure the quality of their AI applications.

Key Features:

1. Gain insights into LLM features: By installing the Baserun SDK, users can immediately gain insights into their LLM features and agents during testing. They can monitor their behavior in production, ensuring the smooth functioning of their AI applications.

2. Full visibility into end-to-end tests & user journey: Baserun allows users to visualize the precise sequence of calls, duration, cost, inputs, and outputs at each stage of their LLM apps. This includes both custom functions and third-party API calls, providing a comprehensive understanding of the app's performance.

3. Intuitive and flexible UI for evaluating and debugging: With Baserun, users can effortlessly compare test runs side by side. They can directly edit prompts and rerun tests from the user interface, making it easier to identify and resolve any issues that may arise during testing.

Use Cases: 

- Testing and improving AI agents: Baserun has been a vital tool for testing and improving AI agents. Users can easily test their prompts and iterate on them as a team. This collaborative approach ensures the quality and effectiveness of the agents.

- Ensuring quality in production: By monitoring the behavior of LLM features and agents in production, Baserun helps teams ship their AI applications with confidence. It allows for real-time monitoring and quick identification of any issues that may arise, ensuring a smooth user experience.

- Collaborative workspace for teams: Baserun provides a collaborative workspace for teams to review results, experiment, iterate on prompts, and build test datasets. This fosters effective collaboration and streamlines the testing and development process.

Baserun is a powerful Testing & Observability Platform that empowers AI teams to ship their LLM apps with confidence and speed. With its key features such as gaining insights into LLM features, full visibility into end-to-end tests and user journeys, and an intuitive UI for evaluating and debugging, Baserun offers a comprehensive solution for testing and improving AI applications. Whether it's testing and iterating on prompts, monitoring app behavior in production, or collaborating effectively as a team, Baserun provides the necessary tools and features to ensure the success of AI projects.

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