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What is is a software that offers various pricing plans, including a free option and two paid options. It provides users with the ability to create executive briefs, structure starters, and complete editions for their business plans. The software includes features such as market research and analysis, organizational structure and management, products or services descriptions, marketing and sales strategies, operations planning, risk analysis, and more.

Key Features:

1. Save as PDF: Users can save their business plans in PDF format for easy sharing and printing. This feature is available in all pricing plans.

2. Save as .docx: With this feature (available in the Structure Starter and Complete Edition), users can save their business plans in .docx format for further editing or customization.

3. Edit in the browser: Users have the convenience of editing their business plans directly within the browser interface. This feature is available only in the Complete Edition.

Use Cases:

1. Startups: can be utilized by startups to create comprehensive business plans that cover all aspects of their venture - from market research to operational strategies.

2. Small Businesses: Small businesses can benefit from using to develop well-structured business plans that outline their products or services offerings, marketing tactics, financial projections, etc.

3. Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs looking to secure funding or attract investors can leverage's features like risk analysis and executive summaries to present a compelling case for their business idea. offers an intuitive platform for creating professional-grade business plans at different levels of complexity - whether it's an executive brief or a complete edition with detailed analyses across multiple sections. With its range of features designed to assist entrepreneurs at every stage of planning and execution, proves itself as a valuable tool for startups, small businesses,and entrepreneurs alike.


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