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Black Ore is the first AI tax platform for CPAs, offering complete 1040 tax preparation automation to tax professionals, so they can focus on growing their firm.0
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What is Black Ore?

Introducing Black Ore, the pioneering AI tax prep platform custom-tailored for CPAs, designed to revolutionize your tax operations. This groundbreaking solution automates 1040 tax prep, enabling you to focus on firm growth and client relationships. With over 90% time savings and a 5X+ annual ROI, Black Ore supercharges efficiency and ignites growth. Our U.S. based, SOC-2 compliant platform ensures secure and reliable operations. Enjoy fast, accurate tax prep, combat burnout, and operate with confidence.

Key Features:

  1. Automated 1040 Tax Prep:Automate routine tax preparation tasks, saving you over 90% of the time typically spent on manual processes.

  2. AI-Powered Efficiency:Utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to process and analyze data, ensuring fast and accurate tax preparation.

  3. Robust Review Framework:Benefit from comprehensive workpapers and preliminary review by U.S. based CPAs with Big 4 experience, enhancing accuracy and compliance.

  4. Effortless Client Management:Classify and organize work autonomously, managing client data effortlessly and scaling operations efficiently.

  5. Enterprise-Ready Solution:Designed for firms of any size, Black Ore scales with hyper-growth customers and expands profit margins.

Use Cases:

  1. Solo practitioners can outsource their back-office tasks and focus on providing high-value client advisory services.

  2. Start-up focused firms can leverage technology that scales with their hyper-growth clientele, maintaining efficiency and accuracy.

  3. Small & mid-sized firms can increase efficiency and reduce review time for managers, optimizing operational workflows.


Black Ore transforms tax compliance, streamlining operations and unlocking new growth opportunities. With our AI-driven solution, you can save time, reduce burnout, and scale your tax operations. Join the innovative accounting firms that trust Black Ore and unlock the future of financial services today.


  1. What types of tax forms does Black Ore support?
    Black Ore supports over 50 source documents, including complex forms like K-1s, ensuring accurate and comprehensive tax preparation.

  2. How secure is Black Ore's platform?
    Our platform is U.S. based and SOC-2 compliant, providing a trusted solution that prioritizes data security and privacy.

  3. Can Black Ore integrate with my existing tax software?
    Yes, Black Ore can be integrated with your current tax software, adding AI/ML powered insights and data processing capabilities directly into your workflow.

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