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What is bluej?

Ask Blue J is revolutionizing tax research and advice generation for professionals. Harnessing the power of advanced generative AI, this innovative solution accelerates the process of finding verifiable answers to complex tax questions, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. With its extensive database of US tax content and cutting-edge language models, Ask Blue J generates reliable, research-backed answers in seconds, streamlining the drafting of memos and emails with a few clicks.

Key Features

  1. Efficient Research:Ask Blue J swiftly provides authoritative tax answers by leveraging a curated database and advanced AI, allowing you to complete research faster than ever before.

  2. Expedited Drafting:Turn research into polished drafts or emails instantly, saving significant time and effort, and ensuring you convey your findings clearly and professionally.

  3. Comprehensive Sources:The tool presents a detailed list of sources used in the response, including highlighted passages and references, allowing for easy verification and deeper research if needed.

  4. Natural Language Interaction:Engage with Ask Blue J in a conversational style to clarify questions, refine answers, and adjust the response to fit specific audiences.

  5. Source Expansion:Utilizing a knowledge graph, the system surfaces related cases, documents, statutes, and regulations, enabling a more holistic understanding of tax issues.

Use Cases

  1. A tax consultant rapidly compiles a detailed memo on corporate tax deductions for a new client, significantly reducing research time and improving client satisfaction.

  2. A busy accounting firm uses Ask Blue J to respond to a sudden influx of client inquiries about tax reform, managing increased demand without compromising service quality.

  3. A legal team leverages the tool to draft a complex legal brief on tax legislation, saving hours of manual research and ensuring all cited sources are accurate and up-to-date.


Ask Blue J transforms the way tax professionals approach their work, offering unparalleled efficiency, speed, and accuracy. With its advanced AI and extensive database, it simplifies complex tax research, accelerates drafting, and empowers professionals to provide exceptional service to their clients. Ready to see Ask Blue J in action? Request a demo today to unlock a new era of tax technology.


  1. What sources does Ask Blue J use for its data?

    • Ask Blue J aggregates data from authoritative sources such as the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, Revenue Rulings, and case law, ensuring that all answers are based on verifiable and trusted information.

  2. How does Ask Blue J ensure data privacy?

    • The tool employs rigorous data privacy and security measures, including SOC 2, Type II certification, and strict agreements with OpenAI to protect user data. Anonymity is maintained through the API, and data sharing is only permitted with explicit user consent.

  3. How accurate is Ask Blue J in providing answers?

    • Ask Blue J minimizes inaccuracies, known as 'hallucinations', by drawing information from thoroughly vetted sources and instructing the large language model to consider only pre-validated information, ensuring answers are reliable and grounded in factual data.

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