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Combine the best of AI with all public financial data, including transcripts, headlines, price action, and even case studies by hedge fund professionals. Never miss what is driving a stock again, and get the buy-side's best AI takeaways after every call.0
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What is Calypso?

Calypso, the AI-first public equities copilot designed to revolutionize your investment research process. Calypso streamlines and enhances your stock analysis by providing AI-powered insights, personal dashboards, and comprehensive financial data at your fingertips. With Calypso, you can access GPT-4-class models that search through all public financials, offering disconfirming and supportive evidence for your investment theses. The platform also offers personalized coverage tracking, earnings previews, and updates, all backed by real-world investing case studies from buy-side professionals. Calypso is available in Basic and Professional tiers, with the latter offering higher rate limits and faster feature requests. Whether you're in equity research, hedge funds, options trading, or investment banking, Calypso upgrades your process to ensure you're always making the best decisions.

Key Features

  1. AI-Powered Feedback on Your Theses
    Calypso provides AI feedback that sifts through all public financials to find disconfirming and supportive evidence for your investment theses.

  2. Street Bull and Bear Theses
    Instantly access the most important debates driving stock prices, providing you with insights from full-time analysts.

  3. Personalized Coverage and Theses Tracking
    Calypso enables you to track your coverage closely and screen broadly, including your own ideas with feedback from the most powerful AI models.

  4. Earnings Previews and Updates
    Stay updated with AI-generated previews and updates around earnings for your coverage, keeping you informed on upcoming volatility events.

  5. AI Chats for Custom Questions
    Zero in on any question you have by asking Calypso, powered by the best financial analysts available anytime, anywhere.

Use Cases

  1. Equity Research Simplified
    Rely on Calypso to distill the key debates and drivers moving your stocks, ensuring you don't miss the big picture while focusing on details.

  2. Hedge Funds Go High-Tech
    Keep your coverage up-to-date and track your theses development with Calypso, using AI to find evidence to disconfirm your hypotheses anytime.

  3. Options Traders Stay Ahead
    Get notified about upcoming volatility events for all your tracked stocks in one place, giving you a competitive edge in trading decisions.


Calypso empowers every level of investment professional, from banking to retail trading, by providing a copilot that enhances your process with AI-driven insights, customizable to every use case. Upgrade your research, streamline your coverage, and make more informed decisions today. Whether you're starting at $10/month or looking for more features at $120/month, Calypso is your partner for smarter investing. Sign up now and experience the future of AI-driven equity research.


  1. How does Calypso train its models?
    Calypso employs GPT-4-turbo and GPT-4 models, augmented with training from real-world case studies by buy-side professionals for financial acumen.

  2. What payment methods do you accept?
    Calypso accepts all major credit cards via Stripe for seamless payment upon logging in for the first time.

  3. How do I receive a higher rate limit?
    A higher rate limit is available by upgrading to the Professional tier or by contacting Calypso to customize a plan tailored to your needs.

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