Recover high-quality faces from degraded counterparts with CodeFormer: a command-line software for blind face restoration. Enhance your images now!0
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What is CodeFormer?

CodeFormer, a groundbreaking Transformer-based solution developed by S-Lab at Nanyang Technological University, revolutionizing blind face restoration. This innovative approach addresses the complexities of restoring degraded face images without explicit guidance, by employing a learned discrete codebook to predict restoration codes and a controllable feature transformation module. The result? Enhanced image quality and remarkable fidelity, even under severe degradation, surpassing current state-of-the-art methods.

Key Features:

  1. 📚 Discrete Codebook Prior: A carefully learned codebook serves as a rich repository of visual elements, reducing restoration ambiguity and enhancing output quality.

  2. 🌟 Codebook Lookup TransFormer: A Transformer network that analyzes low-quality inputs globally, predicting code sequences for restored faces with remarkable precision.

  3. 🔀 Controllable Feature Transformation: An adaptive module allowing a fine-tuned balance between image quality and faithfulness to the original, adjustable through a single scalar weight.

Use Cases:

  1. Historical Photo Restoration: Reviving old, damaged portraits with remarkable clarity while preserving historical authenticity.

  2. Surveillance Enhancement: Improving the clarity of grainy, low-resolution CCTV footage for facial recognition and investigation purposes.

  3. Social Media Enhancement: Elevating the visual quality of selfies and profile pictures shared on social media platforms, ensuring a polished appearance.


CodeFormer stands at the forefront of blind face restoration, offering a robust and adaptable solution that balances restoration quality and fidelity masterfully. Its unique combination of codebook-driven prediction and Transformer-based global comprehension paves the way for unprecedented results in enhancing facial images. Experience the future of image restoration today by exploring CodeFormer's capabilities—witness firsthand the transformation of degraded visuals into near-perfect replicas, bridging the gap between past and present with a single click. Don't just imagine the possibilities; visit our GitHub repository and try it out for yourself, and if you find our work impactful, consider citing our NeurIPS publication in your research.

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