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Offline alternative to Notion. Eidos is an extensible framework for managing your personal data throughout your lifetime in one place.0
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What is Eidos?

Eidos, a  privacy-centric framework designed to serve as your lifetime personal data manager. Rooted in a web-first, local-first philosophy, Eidos ensures that you own and control your data, offering unparalleled offline support and AI capabilities. Its open-source nature, SQLite standardization, and extension system make it highly customizable and developer-friendly. With Eidos, your data is securely in your hands, whether you're crafting a reading list, processing data with powerful scripts, or integrating AI functionalities for tasks like translation and summarization.

Key Features:

  1. Privacy and Control: Emphasizing privacy-first and local-first principles, Eidos ensures your data ownership and control, offering seamless merging of data from various cloud providers into one place on your device.

  2. Offline Support and AI Features: With offline data access, Eidos provides blazing-fast experience without internet. Its AI features, integrated with local language models, enable functions like translation, summarization, and interactive data communication.

  3. Web Application and Extensibility: Operating purely within the browser, Eidos requires no web server, making it highly extensible with a customizable extension system for personalization and additional functionality.

  4. Open Source and Open Format: An open-source project, Eidos uses open formats to store data, ensuring transparency and compatibility with other software.

  5. Developer-Friendly with API: Though a web app, Eidos offers an API for developers to extend its capabilities, facilitating custom workflows with scripts and user-defined functions.

Use Cases:

  1. A writer uses Eidos to manage their extensive reading list, archive notes, and seamlessly integrate summaries generated by AI offline.

  2. A researcher harnesses Eidos for offline data analysis, utilizing custom scripts to process complex data sets without internet restrictions.

  3. An entrepreneur employs Eidos to store and control their sensitive business data, ensuring privacy and local access while integrating AI for document analysis.


Eidos redefines personal data management, empowering users with full control, offline capabilities, and AI integration, all wrapped in an open-source, developer-friendly web application. Embark on a journey of data sovereignty with Eidos, and transform how you interact with your personal data. Ready to take back your data's destiny? Get started with Eidos today!


  1. What browsers are supported by Eidos?
    Eidos leverages advanced web APIs for enhanced user experience, compatible with the latest versions of chromium-based browsers (122+). Safari and Firefox support is currently untested.

  2. How does Eidos handle offline AI functionality?
    Eidos employs WebLLM and transformers.js to enable offline AI, downloading models once for reuse, ensuring all processing remains on-device.

  3. What is the license key used for in Eidos?
    The license key in Eidos is solely for accessing add-on services provided by eidos.space, including Link Preview, Image Proxy, and Sync Service. For self-deployed instances, no key is required, reinforcing Eidos's commitment to privacy and control.

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Updated Date: 2024-07-02
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