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GLM-130B: An Open Bilingual Pre-Trained Model (ICLR 2023)0
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What is GLM-130B?

GLM-130B is an open bilingual pre-trained model with 130 billion parameters, designed to support inference tasks with fast performance. It outperforms other models in both English and Chinese language tasks and can be easily reproduced with open-sourced code and model checkpoints. The software is cross-platform and can be used for training and inference on various hardware configurations.

Key Features:

  1. 🌐 Bilingual Support: GLM-130B supports both English and Chinese languages.

  2. ⚡ Fast Inference: The software enables fast inference on a single server, with up to 2.5X faster performance using the FasterTransformer library.

  3. 🔄 Reproducibility: All results can be easily reproduced with open-sourced code and model checkpoints.

Use Cases:

  1. Language Tasks: GLM-130B performs better than other models in tasks like LAMBADA, MMLU, and zero-shot CLUE datasets, making it ideal for language-related applications.

  2. Web-Enhanced Question Answering: The software enables efficient and accurate web-enhanced question answering, making it valuable for information retrieval tasks.

  3. Dialogue Language Modeling: GLM-130B can be used for bilingual dialogue language modeling, providing assistance in generating conversational responses.


GLM-130B is a powerful open bilingual pre-trained model with impressive performance and versatility. Its fast inference capabilities, reproducibility, and support for multiple languages make it a valuable tool for a wide range of applications, including language tasks, question answering, and dialogue language modeling. By leveraging its unique features and easy integration, users can achieve efficient and accurate results in their AI projects.

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