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What is GRID 2.0?

GRID is a powerful AI tool that allows users to build interactive web tools and calculators on top of their spreadsheets without any coding. It enables users to share or embed these tools securely, providing endless interactivity powered by one spreadsheet. With GRID, users can control the distribution of their spreadsheet while gaining insight into audience interactions. The software eliminates version control issues and offers a no-code solution for transforming spreadsheets into polished web tools.

Key Features:

1. Build Spreadsheet-Powered Tools: GRID allows users to create interfaces on top of their spreadsheets using familiar formulas and functions. Users can build slick, interactive web tools and calculators without writing code.

2. Share Directly or Embed Anywhere: Users can securely share their spreadsheet-powered tools with others or embed them in websites or applications.

3. Endless Interactivity Powered by One Spreadsheet: GRID ensures that all shared instances of a tool are updated automatically whenever changes are made to the underlying spreadsheet model.

Use Cases:

- Financial Calculators: Create complex financial calculators with customized equations for tasks such as investment analysis, loan financing, and retirement planning.

- Real Estate Calculators: Develop property evaluation tools that help determine property values based on various factors like location, size, amenities, and market trends.

- Pricing Calculators: Build pricing models for businesses offering highly customized services or products where prices depend on multiple variables.

- Revenue Models: Construct revenue forecasting models that aid strategic decision-making by analyzing different scenarios and predicting future outcomes.


GRID is an innovative AI tool that empowers users to transform their spreadsheets into interactive web tools without coding knowledge. By leveraging the power of spreadsheets as a programming language, GRID provides endless possibilities for creating versatile solutions such as financial calculators, real estate evaluators, pricing models, and revenue forecasts. With features like secure sharing options, automatic updates across instances, and insights into user interactions with the tools, GRID streamlines workflow processes and enhances productivity. Whether you are a business professional, data analyst, or spreadsheet enthusiast, GRID offers a user-friendly solution to get sheet done efficiently and effectively.

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Updated Date: 2024-01-25
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