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Save and organize your knowledge effortlessly with myReach, an AI-powered software that acts as your second brain. Boost productivity now!0
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What is myReach?

myReach is an AI-powered search and knowledge management tool that revolutionizes the way you organize, access, and leverage your data. With features like automated data storage, AI chat assistance, seamless integration with various tools, automation capabilities, efficient organization for faster retrieval, semantic search functionality, customer support chatbot integration, browser extension for easy saving of web content, and robust security measures; myReach empowers individuals and teams to maximize productivity by harnessing the power of AI in managing their knowledge.

Key Features:

1. 📚 Save everything: Keep all your notes, websites, documents, and contacts securely stored in one place.

2. 💬 Automate with AI Chat: Interact with an AI assistant that remembers information from your sources to provide accurate answers about your data.

3. 🔗 Seamless connection to your tools: Import data from multiple sources effortlessly and use AI to connect different pieces of knowledge into a powerful network.

4. ⚡ Supercharge manual work with automation: Utilize OCR technology for image text extraction/transcription and receive relationship recommendations powered by AI.

5. 🧠 Efficient organization for faster retrieval: Customize properties based on business focus while automatic connections between relevant nodes enhance insights.

Use Cases:

1. A marketing team can save articles from industry blogs using the browser extension feature of myReach and leverage its semantic search capability to quickly find key insights or hidden data within these articles.

2. Customer support teams can integrate myReach's chatbot into their website to reduce support costs by 85% through instant high-quality answers provided 24/7 without needing human agents on call.

3. Researchers or analysts can automate tedious tasks like transcribing audio files or extracting text from images using myReach's OCR technology powered by AI.


With myReach's advanced features such as automated storage across various platforms, intelligent chat assistance backed by reliable sources of information,

seamless integration with existing tools, automation capabilities, efficient organization for faster retrieval, semantic search functionality, customer support chatbot integration,

and secure data encryption; users can streamline their knowledge management processes and unlock the full potential of their data. Experience the efficiency and power of myReach today to transform how you manage your knowledge.


1. Can I import data from multiple sources into myReach?

Yes, myReach allows you to effortlessly import data from various sources such as Google Drive, Bookmarks, Evernote, Contacts, and more.

2. How does myReach ensure the security of user data?

myReach follows industry-leading security standards with ISO/IEC 27001 certification for system and process controls. It also uses TLS 1.3 encryption during transit and AES-256 bit encryption for database connection credentials and stored data.

3. Can myReach help me find specific information within complex documents?

Absolutely! With its semantic search capability, myReach analyzes your entire knowledge base to identify semantically similar nodes that match your search query accurately. This enables you to discover key insights even within lengthy reports or hidden details in large word files.

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Updated Date: 2024-03-06
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