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OWOX BI SQL Copilot automatically connects to your database and empowers data and business teams to create accurate SQL effortlessly — free of charge.0
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What is OWOX BI SQL Copilot?

OWOX BI SQL Copilot, trusted by leading brands like Spotify and SEMrush, introduces an AI-driven approach to SQL query generation, aiming to revolutionize data interaction for both technical and non-technical users. By streamlining the query creation process up to 50 times faster, this innovative tool ensures error-free, optimized SQL statements through direct database integration, visual mapping, and real-time debugging, all while prioritizing data security.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Database Integration: SQL Copilot connects effortlessly with databases like Google BigQuery, automating schema detection and enhancing data context before query generation.

  2. Generate SQL with AI: Simplify complex SQL tasks using natural language instructions, from crafting intricate joins to debugging and optimizing syntax, slashing coding time dramatically.

  3. Smart SQL Editing: Offers AI-driven recommendations to refine and optimize existing queries, ensuring performance and efficiency in database operations.

  4. JOIN Keys Discovery: Identifies optimal join keys automatically, streamlining table connectivity and boosting data query robustness and efficiency.

  5. 100% Data Ownership: Prioritizes security and compliance by ensuring that your data never leaves your environment, with only schema shared for optimization.

Use Cases:

  1. A marketing team quickly refines customer segmentation data for targeted campaigns using natural language commands, enhancing marketing effectiveness.

  2. A business analyst, without deep SQL knowledge, generates insightful reports by interactively refining queries, accelerating decision-making processes.

  3. A finance department ensures data accuracy in financial audits by automating query generation and debugging, reducing manual errors and audit time.


OWOX BI SQL Copilot offers a transformative solution for handling databases, bridging the gap between technical and non-technical users. By harnessing AI's power for efficient query generation, debugging, and optimization, businesses can unlock new levels of productivity and data analysis speed, all while maintaining the highest standards of data security. Ready to supercharge your data handling capabilities? Get started with OWOX BI SQL Copilot now!


  1. Q: Does OWOX BI SQL Copilot require any coding skills?

    • A: No, OWOX BI SQL Copilot is designed to be accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise. It uses natural language processing to generate queries, making it user-friendly for beginners and experts alike.

  2. Q: Is my data secure when using OWOX BI SQL Copilot?

    • A: Absolutely, your data remains fully secure. SQL Copilot only accesses the database schema and does not store or transmit your data, ensuring complete privacy and compliance with security protocols.

  3. Q: Can OWOX BI SQL Copilot be used with any database?

    • A: While it offers direct integration with Google BigQuery, for other databases, users can manually share schema details. This flexibility ensures compatibility across various database systems.

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