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Paillor is a cloud-based AI platform for mid to large businesses, offering quick, automated resolutions in IT, HR, and more.0
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What is Paillor?

Paillor is an innovative AI platform that effectively addresses support challenges in various departments, such as IT and HR. It seamlessly integrates with over 250+ Saas apps and can be embedded into widely-used applications like Slack and MS Teams. With a 98% resolution accuracy, it manages employee requests and streamlines organizational workflows through machine learning models.

Key Features:

1. Advanced Conversational AI for HR: Paillor provides personalized support for HR queries, ranging from payroll to benefits management. It answers over 100K common HR questions instantly, increasing service efficiency. It also broadens HR assistance to encompass wider business teams like payroll and finance.

2. Multilingual Conversations: Paillor offers unstoppable service in over 100 languages, catering to diverse workspaces spread across the globe. It automatically solves hundreds of HR issues around the clock without any added work from the HR team.

3. Employee Communication: Paillor's Employee Communications feature enables tailored messaging using variables such as employee location, department, and employment status. This ensures that each announcement is relevant and enhances employee engagement.

Use Cases:

- HR Service Reinvention: Paillor proactively answers employee queries, improving service efficiency and increasing employee satisfaction. It covers a wide range of HR issues, including benefits, payroll, and time off.

- Software Migrations and IT Updates: Paillor assists in communicating IT policy updates and general announcements to employees, ensuring clarity and maximizing engagement.

- Help Desk Optimization: Paillor unifies the inbox, tickets, and help center into a single, AI-optimized workspace. It enhances support delivery, enables remote control of devices, and facilitates multi-departmental collaboration.

Paillor is a trailblazing AI platform that seamlessly integrates with various tools and offers advanced conversational AI for HR. With its personalized support, multilingual conversations, and employee communication features, Paillor optimizes HR service, improves employee engagement, and streamlines workflows. By leveraging Paillor's capabilities, organizations can achieve automation, drive results, and consolidate data efficiently in one hub.

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Updated Date: 2023-11-18
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