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Qwen2 is the large language model series developed by Qwen team, Alibaba Cloud.0
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What is Qwen2?

Qwen2, the next generation of our AI models, offering significant advancements over Qwen1.5. Available in five sizes—ranging from 0.5B to 72B parameters—Qwen2 models are pretrained and instruction-tuned, supporting 27 additional languages beyond English and Chinese. They showcase state-of-the-art performance in benchmarks, particularly excelling in coding, mathematics, and long-context understanding with support up to 128K tokens. Qwen2 models are open-sourced on Hugging Face and ModelScope, with enhanced multilingual capabilities and robust safety measures.

Key Features

  1. Diverse Model Sizes🌟

    • Five options: 0.5B, 1.5B, 7B, 57B-A14B, and 72B parameters to cater to various requirements.

  2. Multilingual Proficiency🌍

    • Trained on data in 27 additional languages, enhancing performance across diverse linguistic contexts.

  3. Enhanced Coding and Math Skills💻

    • Superior coding and mathematical problem-solving abilities, leveraging extensive and high-quality datasets.

  4. Extended Context Length🧠

    • Supports up to 128K tokens for long-context tasks, making it ideal for processing extensive documents.

  5. Open Source Availability🔓

    • Accessible on Hugging Face and ModelScope, fostering community collaboration and innovation.

  6. Safety and Alignment🛡️

    • Rigorous safety measures ensuring helpful, honest, and harmless outputs, comparable to GPT-4.

Use Cases

  1. Global Enterprises🌐

    • Efficiently handles multilingual customer support, improving communication with non-English-speaking clients.

  2. Software Development💼

    • Enhances coding efficiency and accuracy, aiding developers in writing and debugging code across various languages.

  3. Educational Tools🎓

    • Solves complex mathematical problems and provides detailed explanations, supporting educational platforms and students.


Qwen2 sets a new benchmark in AI capabilities with its diverse model sizes, multilingual proficiency, and exceptional performance in coding and mathematics. It is designed to handle long-context tasks and ensure safe, aligned outputs. Experience the efficiency and versatility of Qwen2 by exploring its models on Hugging Face and ModelScope today, and see how it can streamline your operations and foster innovation.

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Qwen2 Alternatives

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  1. CodeQwen1.5, a code expert model from the Qwen1.5 open-source family. With 7B parameters and GQA architecture, it supports 92 programming languages and handles 64K context inputs.

  2. Agent framework and applications built upon Qwen1.5, featuring Function Calling, Code Interpreter, RAG, and Chrome extension.

  3. Phi-2 is an ideal model for researchers to explore different areas such as mechanistic interpretability, safety improvements, and fine-tuning experiments.

  4. WizardLM-2 8x22B is Microsoft AI's most advanced Wizard model. It demonstrates highly competitive performance compared to leading proprietary models, and it consistently outperforms all existing state-of-the-art opensource models.

  5. The large language model developed by Tencent has strong Chinese creation ability.Logical reasoning in complex contexts and reliable task execution