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The first B2B Billing & Revenue management platform.Made for B2B finance teams managing custom contracts and complex pricing models, looking to streamline their operations and gear up for growth.0
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What is Received?

Received is a pioneering B2B Billing & Revenue Management platform, designed specifically for B2B finance teams dealing with complex custom contracts and diverse pricing models. This platform empowers businesses to streamline their operations and scale efficiently. With its comprehensive suite of features, Received addresses the unique challenges of B2B billing, offering automation, integration, and real-time analytics to enhance financial management and support business growth.

Key Features

  1. Automated Contract Billing📜: Seamlessly manage and automate billing for bespoke, multi-year contracts with varying products and pricing models.

  2. Self-Serve Subscription Management🌐: Embed Received into your website to automate billing for self-serve contracts, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.

  3. Partner Management Automation🤝: Streamline referral and reseller billing, automate partner fees and commissions, and track partner activities effortlessly.

  4. Flexible Pricing Configuration💹: Accommodate any pricing model, anytime, providing unparalleled flexibility for your business needs.

  5. Comprehensive Integration Capabilities🔗: Seamlessly integrate with ERP, CRM, PSP, Tax systems, and more, ensuring a unified and efficient tech stack.

Use Cases

  1. Pattern’s FinOps Transformation🚀: Pattern’s finance team reduced CSV processing time by 3-4 days, gained real-time visibility, and scaled operations effortlessly with Received.

  2. Heron Data’s Billing Efficiency💼: Heron Data slashed billing time from 5 days to a few hours, eliminating late invoicing and accelerating payment collection.

  3. Tastewise’s Pricing Flexibility📉: Tastewise gained the ability to define and adjust pricing models at both contract and customer levels, enhancing business model agility.


Received is more than just a billing platform; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored for the complexities of B2B revenue management. With its focus on automation, integration, and analytics, Received offers businesses the tools they need to navigate the intricacies of B2B billing efficiently. By choosing Received, companies can transform their billing processes from a source of complexity into a driver of growth and scalability. Embrace the future of B2B billing with Received – where efficiency meets flexibility.

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