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What is Slicker?

Slicker is a payment orchestration platform that streamlines payment processes, optimizes checkout experiences, monitors transactions, generates financial reports, and reduces reliance on multiple vendors. With a single integration, users can accept payments globally, support local payment methods and currencies, choose the best payment service provider for each transaction, consolidate financial reports, and customize payment scenarios. Slicker is suitable for retail businesses, digital businesses, and platforms/marketplaces.

Key Features:

1. Single Integration: Slicker simplifies the onboarding process by allowing users to handle all payment service providers with a single integration. This reduces complexity and saves time.

2. Global Coverage: Users can seamlessly support local payment methods and currencies, enabling customers to pay in their preferred way. This improves customer satisfaction and increases conversion rates.

3. Smart Routing: Slicker helps users choose the best payment service provider for each checkout session based on conversion trends and custom rules. This ensures optimal payment processing and improves overall performance.

Use Cases:

1. Retail: Slicker can be used by retail businesses to unify payment flows and provide a seamless checkout experience to customers worldwide. By increasing conversions, reducing fraud, and highlighting relevant payment methods, Slicker helps businesses maximize their top line.

2. Digital: For digital businesses expanding into new markets, Slicker offers the ability to maintain features and visibility of their funnel. This prevents involuntary churn and improves conversion rates by going beyond a single cards flow.

3. Platforms & Marketplaces: Slicker enables businesses to embed payments into their platforms, take fees, and transfer funds according to their business model. With compatibility worries eliminated, complex flows across providers can be easily enabled.

Slicker is a powerful payment orchestration platform that simplifies payment processes, optimizes checkout experiences, and provides valuable financial insights. With its single integration, global coverage, and smart routing capabilities, businesses can streamline their payment operations and enhance customer satisfaction. Whether you are a retail business, digital business, or platform/marketplace, Slicker offers the tools and features to improve your payment efficiency and drive growth.

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