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What is V7?

V7 is a powerful software that allows users to label data 10 times faster for computer vision and generative AI tasks. It offers a range of features including enhanced AutoAnnotate, pixel-perfect labels, and various annotation types. V7 also provides tools for monitoring labeler and model performance, real-time collaboration, and gathering training data in one place. Additionally, it offers a CLI and SDK for AI training data, version control datasets, and the ability to visualize, sort, and filter data. Users can also build a library of models, leverage humans in the loop for annotation tasks, and access domain expert annotators. V7 is SOC2, HIPAA, and ISO27001 compliant, ensuring data security. It also offers fully managed projects with dedicated project managers. The software integrates with various ML-Ops platforms and supports popular deep learning frameworks. V7 is used by AI-first companies in various industries.

Key Features:

1. Label Data 10x Faster:

   - V7 enables users to solve any labeling task 10 times faster for computer vision and generative AI.

   - It offers enhanced AutoAnnotate feature for rapid and precise annotations.

   - Users can create high-speed polygon masks with pixel-perfect labels using Autolabel feature.

   - Adaptive learning and enhanced object recognition further improve labeling speed and accuracy.

2. All-in-One Annotation Suite:

   - V7 supports easy annotation of video, image, and text data.

   - Users can choose from a variety of annotation tools such as polygons, brushes, and bounding boxes.

   - It can handle various computer vision tasks including image classification, instance segmentation, and object tracking.

   - The suite allows real-time collaboration and multiple labels on a single video or image.

3. Efficient Dataset Management:

   - V7 provides tools to monitor labeler and model performance, track time spent, and check accuracy.

   - Users can filter and sort data based on various criteria such as upload time, labeler, tag, class, and progress.

   - The software helps in building a library of models and supports version control for datasets.

   - It offers a CLI and SDK for convenient dataset management and actions.

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Updated Date: 2023-11-16
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