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Extract transaction data from bank statements easily with our Bank Statement to CSV/Excel tool. Powered by OCR and AI, it guarantees high precision and saves time. Try it now!0
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What is Bank Statement to CSV/Excel — AI Parser?

The Bank Statement to CSV/Excel tool is a software that uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract transaction data from bank statements with high precision. It eliminates the need for manual extraction methods, which are time-consuming and prone to errors. By incorporating AI, the tool learns and adapts to different bank statement layouts, improving its accuracy over time. It offers the highest level of precision in the market and provides a fast, user-friendly, and reliable solution.

Key Features:

- Uses OCR and AI technology for precise extraction of transaction data from bank statements

- Learns and adapts to unique layouts and formatting nuances present in different bank statements

- Continually improves accuracy over time through machine learning capabilities

- Streamlines the process of extracting data from bank statements into a fast and user-friendly solution

Use Cases:

- Banks or financial institutions can use this tool to automate the extraction of transaction data from customer's bank statements.

- Accounting firms can utilize this software to quickly convert multiple bank statements into CSV or Excel format for further analysis.

- Individuals who want an efficient way to organize their personal finances can use this tool to extract transaction details from their own bank statements.

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