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What is Jamie?

Jamie is an AI-powered tool that helps users take meeting notes effortlessly. It works with various tools and languages, ensuring privacy and ease of use. With Jamie, users can start the tool during a meeting, and it will automatically generate a summary, transcript, and action items. Jamie is designed to be user-friendly, working seamlessly in all types of meetings without the need for virtual bots. It not only writes meeting notes but also extracts tasks and detects decisions. Users can easily retrieve information from their meeting notes using semantic search. Jamie is privacy-first, with data stored in Europe and processed only when necessary. The tool gets smarter as users continue to use it, and it can save users up to 10 hours every week. Jamie also offers features like topic-sorted notes, custom note templates, and the ability to teach it custom words and acronyms. The tool has received positive feedback from various professionals who appreciate its ability to simplify their lives.

Key Features:
1. Automatic Generation of Meeting Notes: Jamie generates a summary, transcript, and action items automatically, saving users time and effort.
2. Task Extraction: Jamie extracts tasks discussed during the meeting, ensuring important action items are captured.
3. Decision Detection: The tool detects if a decision was made during the meeting and captures it for reference.

Use Cases:
1. Business Meetings: Jamie is ideal for business meetings of any size. It helps users capture important information, tasks, and decisions, ensuring nothing is missed.
2. Academic Discussions: Students and researchers can use Jamie to record and summarize academic discussions, making it easier to review and reference key points.
3. Personal Note-Taking: Jamie can be used for personal note-taking, allowing individuals to capture important details and ideas from various contexts, such as brainstorming sessions or personal development meetings.

Jamie is a powerful AI tool that revolutionizes the way meeting notes are taken. With its automatic generation of notes, task extraction, and decision detection features, Jamie simplifies the note-taking process and saves users valuable time. Its versatile use cases make it suitable for professionals, students, and individuals looking to streamline their note-taking experience. Positive feedback from satisfied users further highlights Jamie's effectiveness and potential to enhance productivity.

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