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Leexi uses generative AI to transcribe, analyze, summarize your meetings, and automatically propose next steps. AI meeting saves you time on all these time-consuming tasks.0
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What is Leexi?

Leexi is a cutting-edge AI notetaker designed to revolutionize meeting productivity. This tool utilizes generative AI to provide automated transcription, analysis, and summarization of meetings, proposing next steps promptly after each session. By automating note-taking and report writing, Leexi aims to save users significant time, enhancing focus on core job responsibilities. It’s particularly beneficial for professions involving regular meetings, such as recruitment, consulting, sales, and customer success management.

Key Features

  1. Automated Note Taking📝

    • Leexi captures and transcribes conversations during calls, streamlining the note-taking process.

  2. Tailored Summary📚

    • Post-meeting, users receive a customized report outlining key points and proposed next steps.

  3. Time-saving⏱️

    • By automating note-taking and reporting, Leexi saves users 4 to 10 hours per month.

  4. Express Setup🚀

    • Quick integration with calendars in just three clicks, enabling immediate use.

  5. Facilitated Collaboration🤝

    • Leexi enhances team collaboration with features for commenting, debriefing, and feedback.

Use Cases

  1. Sales Teams🌟

    • Sales professionals use Leexi to analyze conversations, improving their sales techniques and onboarding processes.

  2. Customer Support💬

    • Customer success managers leverage Leexi for accurate meeting summaries and follow-up actions.

  3. Consulting Sessions📈

    • Consultants benefit from in-depth call analysis, enabling them to draw accurate conclusions and provide better insights.


Leexi is more than just a notetaking tool; it’s a productivity enhancer that simplifies meeting workflows. With its easy setup, extensive integration capabilities, and commitment to security, Leexi is poised to become an indispensable asset for businesses seeking to maximize meeting efficiency. Experience the liberation of focusing on what truly matters during meetings, while Leexi takes care of the rest.

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Updated Date: 2024-04-29
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