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Panna is a groundbreaking application designed to transform the way recruiters and interviewers screen and hire candidates.0
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What is Panna?

Panna is a revolutionary AI-powered interview platform that streamlines the hiring process, enabling recruiters to interview more candidates, faster, and more efficiently. With its seamless video interview experience, AI-driven candidate assessment, and advanced features like real-time note-taking and spot checking, Panna helps reduce cost per hire, new hire turnover, and time to hire. By automating the manual recruitment process, Panna empowers recruiters to make data-driven decisions, saving thousands of hours and dollars.

Key Features:

  1. Resume Upload📝: Add candidate resumes in advance or upload during video interviews.

  2. IM Chat💬: Interact with candidates via text during face-to-face interviews.

  3. Real-Time Assessment⏱️: See candidates typing answers to written questions, ensuring authenticity.

  4. Q&A Analysis🤔: Instantly evaluate candidate answers using pre-built or custom questions.

  5. Ask & Assess📝: Utilize Panna's AI-driven Q&A technology to aid recruiters in evaluating accuracy.

  6. Spot Check🔍: Report shows if applicants visited other websites or programs to copy answers.

  7. Note Taking📝: Interviewers can write comments during video calls for future reference.

  8. Invite Colleagues👥: Share the Panna screen with colleagues to join the interview.

Use Cases:

  1. A recruitment agency uses Panna to streamline the interview process for multiple engineering positions, reducing time-to-interview by 40% and improving interview-to-hire by 50%.

  2. A company utilizes Panna to screen and filter candidates for various roles, configuring behavioral components of the automated interview within hours to test for organizational and cultural fit.

  3. A hiring manager employs Panna to evaluate candidates for a high-volume hiring process, saving enormous amounts of time and achieving a higher quality result.


Panna is a game-changer in the recruitment industry, offering a cutting-edge solution to simplify the hiring process. By leveraging AI technology and innovative features, Panna helps recruiters make informed decisions, reduce costs, and improve the overall interview experience. Sign up for an on-demand interview today and experience the efficiency of Panna firsthand!

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Updated Date: 2024-07-23
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