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Zavata revolutionizes recruitment through AI-driven automation, offering features like automated scheduling, real-time interviews, personalized assistance, and seamless integration for efficient hiring.0
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What is Zavata?

Zavata's AI Interviewer revolutionizes the recruitment process by conducting 24/7 interviews, optimizing hiring efficiency and ensuring a personalized experience for candidates. Leveraging advanced AI technology, it automates scheduling, performs real-time interviews, and provides instant, data-driven feedback, making hiring decisions smarter and faster.

Key Features

  1. Automated Scheduling- Zavata's AI Interviewer eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails, automatically scheduling interviews around the clock, making the process seamless and efficient.

  2. AI-Powered Interview- SIA, the Smart Interview Assistant, conducts interactive interviews, offering a personalized experience that feels conversational and engaging for each candidate.

  3. Realtime Feedback- Post-interview, receive instant, data-driven feedback and analysis, enabling informed hiring decisions based on skills rather than keywords.

  4. Workflow Integration- Effortlessly integrates with existing ATS and HR tools, ensuring a smooth data flow and maintaining current workflows.

  5. Fair Assessments- Flags potential biases and cheating, providing reliable and unbiased assessments to ensure fair hiring practices.

Use Cases

  1. A tech startup in Silicon Valley uses Zavata to screen a high volume of candidates, significantly reducing time-to-hire and improving the quality of hires through data-driven decision-making.

  2. An international corporation with offices in multiple time zones implements Zavata's 24/7 AI Interviewer to conduct interviews without scheduling conflicts, streamlining the global recruitment process.

  3. A small business owner utilizes Zavata's customizable interview questions to align with company values, ensuring that the hiring process reflects the organization's culture and mission.


Zavata's AI Interviewer transforms the hiring landscape by automating and optimizing the recruitment journey. Its ability to conduct interviews around the clock, provide real-time feedback, and integrate seamlessly with existing workflows makes it an indispensable tool for employers seeking to hire skills, not just keywords. Experience the future of hiring today with Zavata.


  1. How do candidates react to being interviewed by an AI?
    Candidates often find AI interviews less intimidating and appreciate the flexibility. Over 90% complete their interviews, with an average experience rating of 4.5/5, highlighting the positive impact on candidate engagement.

  2. Can Zavata be customized to our company’s specific needs?
    Yes, Zavata offers customization options, from tailored interview questions to personalized evaluation criteria, ensuring alignment with your hiring goals and company culture.

  3. How does Zavata prevent cheating during interviews?
    Zavata employs a multi-modal fairness system that monitors for suspicious behaviors, verifies candidate identities, and uses advanced algorithms to flag inconsistencies, ensuring integrity in the hiring process.

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