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Snapclip is a tool that allows you to create a comprehensive knowledge base by training an AI assistant using your screen recordings and spoken explanations.0
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What is Snapclip?

Snapclip revolutionizes knowledge sharing by transforming screen recordings and verbal explanations into an interactive, AI-driven knowledge base. This intuitive tool transcribes videos, divides them into digestible chapters, and generates precise answers to questions, seamlessly linking users to the exact information they need. Experience a smarter way to share and access knowledge, saving valuable time and enhancing productivity.

Key Features

  1. Smart Knowledge Capture: Snapclip efficiently records screen activities and spoken instructions, converting them into an AI-learned knowledge base that delivers accurate, context-specific answers.

  2. Automatic Transcription and Analysis: The AI transcribes recordings with high accuracy, recognizes on-screen content, and understands verbal explanations, facilitating a comprehensive learning process.

  3. Dynamic Chapter Division: Snapclip automatically splits recordings into manageable chapters, enhancing organization and accessibility.

  4. Multilingual Support: Supports over 30 languages, ensuring global teams can create and access knowledge bases in their preferred language.

  5. Interactive AI Assistant: The AI assistant responds to questions with pinpointed video segments, cutting down on repetitive explanations and saving time.

Use Cases

  1. Onboarding new team members with quick tutorials and explanations.

  2. Reducing response times for customer support by guiding agents to specific tutorial segments.

  3. Enhancing internal training by compiling detailed, searchable instruction videos.


Snapclip redefines knowledge management, transforming screen recordings into an accessible, interactive AI assistant that answers questions precisely and promptly. By automating the transcription, analysis, and cataloging processes, it saves time and boosts productivity, making it an invaluable tool for businesses and teams. Start your free trial today and experience the future of knowledge sharing.

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