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Embark on your journey to the top with ViableView – where visionary entrepreneurs turn data into destiny. Don't just dream of success; seize it today with the ultimate tool in market intelligence.0
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What is ViableView ?

ViableView revolutionizes the entrepreneurial landscape with its AI-powered platform, offering unmatched insights into market trends and product viability before you invest. By tracking over 7 million products, monitoring more than 1 million sellers, and covering 8+ marketplaces, ViableView simulates market conditions to provide entrepreneurs with crucial metrics like Opportunity Score, Competition Score, and Profit Margin %. This comprehensive analysis empowers you to identify profitable niches and products that might have been otherwise overlooked.

Key Features:

  1. Opportunity Finder:Uncover your next best-selling product by leveraging top competitor data and AI-driven market noise reduction, ensuring opportunities are tailored to your goals.

  2. Tracker:Stay ahead with real-time market trend tracking and potential venture identification, keeping you ready to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

  3. Market Overview:Gain deep insights into market dynamics with a comprehensive data panorama, guiding strategic planning with precision.

  4. Viability Simulation:Simulate market conditions to predict profits and margins, turning raw data into actionable insights.

  5. Data Aggregation & Analysis:Collect and process data points like average order value, sales, revenue, and cost per click, enabling predictive modeling and outlier identification.

Use Cases:

  1. An entrepreneur uses ViableView to discover untapped digital product niches with high Opportunity Scores, leading to a successful new product launch.

  2. A business owner tracks emerging market trends in real-time, quickly adapting their strategy to capitalize on a profitable niche before competitors.

  3. A product developer analyzes market overviews to understand competitive landscapes and consumer demand, guiding the creation of a high-demand product.


ViableView is the ultimate tool for entrepreneurs seeking data-driven success. By harnessing AI and comprehensive market analysis, it transforms raw data into destiny, empowering you to make informed decisions and seize opportunities. Ready to unlock your true potential? Embark on your journey to the top with ViableView today.


  1. How does ViableView collect its data?
    ViableView collects data through a wide range of sources, primarily from publicly available sources and proprietary algorithms, ensuring that the more data is collected over time, the more accurate the projections become.

  2. Are the projections 100% accurate?
    While not 100% accurate, projections are based on ideal market conditions and weighted towards better-performing sellers. Achieving the projected max profit depends on various seller actions and market variables.

  3. What markets does ViableView track?
    ViableView currently tracks Digital Products, Physical Products, SaaS, and is expanding into Real Estate and beyond, offering comprehensive data across diverse sectors.

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