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Self-service, live coaching, and post call insights. AI that uncovers expertise so teams can make every customer conversation count.0
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What is Cresta?

Cresta AI is a generative AI software designed to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness in contact centers. It offers bespoke playbooks, real-time insights, coaching and quality assurance, AI-powered assistance for agents, and automation through chatbots. The software has been proven to deliver results such as increased customer satisfaction, lower average handling time, and reduced ramp time.

Key Features:

1. Bespoke Playbooks: Cresta helps teams build and follow customized playbooks that have been proven to improve business outcomes.

2. Real-Time Insights: Gain visibility into emerging business trends to make smarter and faster decisions.

3. Coaching & Quality Assurance: Measure team performance on 100% of conversations and provide targeted coaching to address performance gaps.

4. AI-Powered Assistance: Equip every agent with AI-powered coaching and assistance to perform at their best.

5. Automation through Chatbots: Replace repetitive conversations with chatbots backed by customer insights for increased efficiency.

Use Cases:

- Sales Optimization: Cresta's bespoke playbooks help sales teams close deals more effectively by following proven strategies.

- Business Decision-Making: Real-time insights enable businesses to identify trends quickly and make informed decisions that drive results.

- Performance Improvement: Through comprehensive coaching and quality assurance measures, Cresta helps managers identify areas for improvement in agent performance.

- Efficiency Enhancement: By automating repetitive conversations with chatbots, Cresta streamlines operations and increases overall efficiency.

Cresta AI is a powerful tool that empowers contact center teams with generative AI capabilities. With its features like bespoke playbooks, real-time insights, coaching support, agent assistance powered by AI technology,and automation through chatbots,Cresta enables businesses to enhance sales efficiency,effectiveness,and overall operational productivity.The software has been recognized for delivering tangible results,such as improved customer satisfaction,reduced handling time,and accelerated ramp-up periods.Cresta provides the necessary tools for organizations looking to optimize their contact center operations and drive better business outcomes.

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