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What is Ebi.Ai?

This AI tool allows businesses to create their own AI-powered customer assistant, resulting in happier customers, increased capacity, and lower costs. With over 7,000 global businesses already benefiting from this technology, the software offers a proven ROI of up to 533% within six months. By automating customer interactions and reducing the need for expensive phone calls and emails, companies can achieve significant savings. The tool is easy to launch and manage, with a free trial period available.

Key Features:

1. Build Your Own AI Assistant: Users can easily create their own AI-powered customer assistant without any coding knowledge or technical expertise. The software provides a user-friendly interface that allows businesses to customize their assistant's responses and behavior.

2. Cost Savings: By automating customer interactions through the AI assistant, businesses can significantly reduce costs associated with phone calls and emails. On average, each enquiry can cost up to £5 ($6), making room for substantial savings.

3. Increased Capacity: The AI assistant operates 24/7, allowing businesses to handle customer inquiries outside of regular contact center hours without requiring additional staff or resources. This increases overall capacity while ensuring prompt responses to customers' needs.

Use Cases:

- Customer Support: Businesses can use the AI assistant as a first point of contact for customer support queries by providing instant answers to frequently asked questions.

- Sales Assistance: The software can assist in guiding potential customers through product catalogs or recommending suitable products based on their preferences.

- Appointment Scheduling: The AI assistant can help users schedule appointments by checking availability and booking slots directly into calendars.


By leveraging this powerful AI tool, businesses have the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing costs associated with traditional support channels such as phone calls and emails. With its ease of use and ability to handle various tasks like answering FAQs or scheduling appointments autonomously, this software empowers companies across industries to benefit from artificial intelligence. Join the growing number of happy customers and experience the advantages of having an AI assistant that can handle customer inquiries efficiently, even outside regular contact center hours.

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