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LLaMA Factory is an open-source low-code large model fine-tuning framework that integrates the widely used fine-tuning techniques in the industry and supports zero-code fine-tuning of large models through the Web UI interface.0
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What is LLAMA-Factory?

Discover the revolutionary LLaMA Factory, an open-source, low-code framework transforming large model fine-tuning. Leveraging an array of advanced training techniques, this unified platform enables zero-code fine-tuning of over 100 large language models (LLMs) via an intuitive Web UI interface. Built on the foundation of precision and efficiency, LLaMA Factory integrates multiple-bit precision fine-tuning, innovative algorithms like GaLore, and practical strategies to streamline model adaptation for various tasks. With its scalable architecture, users can effortlessly customize and fine-tune LLMs, even with minimal coding knowledge, facilitating a new era of AI application customization.

Key Features

  1. Versatile Precision Fine-Tuning: Supports 32-bit full parameter, 16-bit frozen, and LoRA fine-tuning, extending to 2/4/8-bit QLoRA fine-tuning for memory optimization.

  2. Advanced Fine-Tuning Algorithms: Incorporates cutting-edge techniques such as GaLore, LoRA+, and LoftQ, enhancing model adaptation across diverse tasks.

  3. Practical Fine-Tuning Strategies: Enhances efficiency with methods like FlashAttention-2 and NEFTune, minimizing resource usage.

  4. Web UI for Easy Customization: Offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the customization and fine-tuning of LLMs without the need for extensive coding.

  5. Highly Scalable Architecture: Facilitates the scalable fine-tuning of numerous LLMs, streamlining the process for both technical and non-technical users.

Use Cases

  1. Educational Content Personalization: Teachers and educators can fine-tune LLMs for personalized learning experiences, adapting content to individual student needs.

  2. Customer Service Automation: Businesses can leverage fine-tuned LLMs to create sophisticated AI chatbots that handle customer queries, enhancing user satisfaction.

  3. Language Translation Services: Organizations can optimize LLMs for accurate, context-specific translations in various languages, improving global communication.


LLaMA Factory empowers users to harness the full potential of LLMs with its innovative fine-tuning capabilities. By simplifying the customization process and enhancing model performance, it catalyzes the integration of AI into everyday applications. Ready to revolutionize your AI projects? Dive into the future of model customization with LLaMA Factory today.

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