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Local III makes it easier than ever to use local models. With an interactive setup, you can select an inference provider, select a model, download new models, and more.0
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What is Local III?

Local III is a revolutionary update to the Open Interpreter platform, empowering users with personal, private access to machine intelligence. This update introduces a local model explorer, deep integrations with inference engines like Ollama, custom profiles for open models, and a suite of settings for offline code interpretation. With Local III, users can explore and interact with local models, contribute to the training of an open-source language model, and experience the benefits of private AI control.

Key Features:

  1. Local Model Explorer🚀: An interactive setup that allows users to select inference providers, download new models, and more.

  2. i Model💬: A free, hosted, opt-in model that provides a setup-free experience and contributes to the training of an open-source language model.

  3. Deep Ollama Integration🤝: A unified command that abstracts away model setup commands, providing seamless access to Ollama models.

  4. Optimized Profiles📊: Custom profiles for open models like Codestral and Llama3, ensuring optimal settings for various language models.

  5. Local Vision👀: Images are rendered as descriptions generated by Moondream, a tiny vision model, with OCR extracted from the image.

  6. Experimental Local OS Mode🖥️: Enables control of the mouse, keyboard, and screen, allowing the LLM to interact with the computer.

Use Cases:

  1. Researchers can use Local III to explore and interact with local models, accelerating their research and development.

  2. Developers can leverage Local III's custom profiles and optimized settings to fine-tune their language models for specific tasks.

  3. Individuals can experience the benefits of private AI control, contributing to the training of an open-source language model.


Local III is a significant step towards a new destiny where individuals have control over their AI experiences. With its innovative features and intuitive design, Local III empowers users to explore, interact, and contribute to the development of machine intelligence. Try Local III today and discover the benefits of private AI control!

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