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What is Percept Insight?

Percept Insight is a revolutionary end-to-end SAAS offering that helps to build a better business through deep insights actionability and minimal costs. 

For marketers this is a tool that allows them to create a disproportionate impact by allowing them to configure real-time actions (they could be PNs, SMS, or emails)  basis various user actions. 

For eg: If the marketing team wants to send a WhatsApp notification to a cohort of users who drop off from their cart, they just have to configure it on the tool and the tool will do the rest of it near real-time. There is no intermediate action of importing data to another tool that is required etc. And it will do it near real-time. 

It also enables them to do very clear attributions of their marketing campaigns and thus have a strong understanding of the entire user funnel right from app installs to order placement or any other North Star metric.

For product managers this tool gives effective insights into the user journey and how users interact with the app. It also allows them to form cohorts basis which they can do user analysis. 

For eg: It will allow product managers to understand the time taken to place an order, or the amount of time somebody takes to reach a particular episode/page, or the most popular path to a destination etc. thus giving them deep insights into the performing and nonperforming features sets. 

For sellers and category managers, it allows various kinds of slices on the data both historical as well as near real-time with various kinds of visualization techniques implemented that allow for zooming in and out of the data sets. 

For eg: It will allow category managers to understand the brand affinity of customers in a given geography, or the price sensitivity of a particular cohort of customers and allow for various kinds of visualizations on top of that data. 

It helps provide insights on delivery details and seamlessly captures order state management

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