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Train ChatGPT on your data and let chatbot handle lead generation and customer support.0
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What is Sawal AI?

Sawal AI offers a powerful, no-code solution for building custom AI chatbots tailored to your website's needs. Whether it's lead generation, customer support, or enhancing user engagement, Sawal AI's chatbots leverage cutting-edge AI models like GPT-4 to deliver accurate and personalized interactions. With seamless integration across multiple platforms and industries, this tool simplifies the creation, deployment, and management of AI chatbots, ensuring businesses can efficiently handle inquiries and improve user experiences.

Key Features

  1. Multiple Data Sources 📂: Integrate data from files, documents, sitemaps, and more to train your chatbot comprehensively.

  2. Customizable Appearance 🎨: Match the chatbot’s look and feel to your brand’s identity.

  3. Accurate Answers 🎯: Utilize advanced AI models like GPT-4 to provide precise responses to user queries.

  4. Quick Setup ⚡: Get your chatbot up and running within minutes after uploading content.

  5. Preview Mode 👀: Test and refine your chatbot’s performance before it goes live.

  6. Review and Improve 🛠️: Analyze chat logs and enhance the chatbot’s responses based on interactions.

  7. Whitelabel Option 🏷️: Remove Sawal AI branding for a more personalized experience.

  8. Seamless Integrations 🔄: Connect with popular tools like Slack, Zapier, and WhatsApp.

  9. Smooth Handover 🤝: Easily transition chats to human agents with full conversation history.

Use Cases

  1. E-commerce Customer Support: A retail website uses the chatbot to handle common customer inquiries, reducing the load on human agents and providing instant responses.

  2. Lead Generation for Online Services: A digital marketing firm deploys the chatbot to engage visitors, collect contact information, and qualify leads based on interactions.

  3. Internal HR Assistance: A company integrates the chatbot within Slack to answer frequently asked HR questions, streamlining internal communications and improving employee productivity.


Sawal AI's custom chatbots streamline customer interactions, drive lead generation, and enhance overall user experience across multiple platforms and industries. Experience the efficiency and accuracy of AI-driven support by integrating Sawal AI into your operations today. Empower your business with intelligent chatbots that not only respond but also resonate with your brand’s voice, ensuring a seamless and engaging user journey.

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