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AITemplate is a Python framework which renders neural network into high performance CUDA/HIP C++ code. Specialized for FP16 TensorCore (NVIDIA GPU) and MatrixCore (AMD GPU) inference.0
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What is AITemplate?

Introducing AITemplate, the cutting-edge Python framework that revolutionizes deep neural network inference by translating models into ultra-fast CUDA and HIP C++ code. Boasting high-performance, open-source flexibility, and advanced fusion capabilities, AITemplate excels in delivering lightning-speed inference for a broad spectrum of models, from ResNet and MaskRCNN to BERT and VisionTransformer. Its unique approach ensures excellent backward compatibility, without the need for third-party libraries, and supports horizontal, vertical, and memory fusion for optimized performance.

Key Features: 

  1. ⚡️ High-Performance Inference:
    AITemplate showcases near-peak fp16 TensorCore and MatrixCore performance on major models, including ResNet, MaskRCNN, BERT, VisionTransformer, and Stable Diffusion.

  2. 🔧 Unified, Open, and Flexible:
    Seamlessly operate fp16 deep neural networks on NVIDIA or AMD GPUs, leveraging a fully open-source framework with Lego-style extendability for new models.

  3. 🔄 Advanced Fusion Capabilities:
    AITemplate offers unique horizontal, vertical, and memory fusion capabilities, integrating a wide range of operations into optimized single kernels.

  4. 🔄 Memory Fusion:
    Innovative memory fusion techniques merge GEMM, LayerNorm, and other operators with memory operations for streamlined execution.

  5. 📦 Self-Contained Binaries:
    Models compile into portable binaries, functional across various software environments as long as the hardware matches.

  6. 🐍 PyTorch Integration:
    The AITemplate Python runtime effortlessly integrates with PyTorch tensors, offering a smooth transition for environments with or without PyTorch.

Use Cases: 

  1. Lightning-Fast Inference Serving in Autonomous Driving Platforms:
    AITemplate accelerates model inference, optimizing decision-making processes for safer, more efficient autonomous vehicles.

  2. Enhanced Real-Time Image Processing in Surveillance Systems:
    Streamlined inference boosts real-time object detection and tracking, enhancing security and monitoring capabilities.

  3. Accelerated AI-Powered Medical Imaging Analyses:
    Quickened model execution speeds up diagnostics, supporting healthcare professionals in timely and accurate analysis of medical images.


AITemplate is your gateway to the future of deep neural network inference. By harnessing its high-performance capabilities, open-source flexibility, and advanced fusion techniques, you can experience unprecedented speed and efficiency in your AI operations. Whether you're refining autonomous driving systems, enhancing surveillance capabilities, or accelerating medical imaging analyses, AITemplate stands ready to revolutionize your workflow. Ready for a transformative AI experience? Embrace the power of AITemplate today, and unlock the full potential of your models with lightning-fast inference serving.

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