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Automate and optimize your customer and employee support with our AI-powered chatbot. Provide your best support on one generative AI powered platform.0
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What is Algomo?

Algomo is an AI-powered ChatGPT bot that can significantly reduce customer service queries by 85%. It is easy to set up in under 4 minutes, requires no coding, and learns from your data. Algomo integrates with various tools and can provide personalized answers by analyzing support articles, past conversations, slack channels, notion pages, Google Docs, and even content from your public website. It offers omnichannel support, allowing customers or employees to self-serve on any communication channel, and provides a human chat option when necessary. Algomo is also multilingual, capable of understanding over 100 languages, making it ideal for scaling internationally.

Key Features:

  1. 🔄 Data Integrations: Algomo can instantly transform your support articles, past conversations, slack channels, notion pages, Google Docs, and public website content into personalized answers.

  2. 💬 Omnichannel Support: Customers or employees can self-serve on any communication channel, including Algomo's business messenger, and you can reply from Algomo's inbox or your preferred channels like Slack and email.

  3. 👥 Human Chat: Algomo can seamlessly assign conversations to the right specialist when needed. Its built-in live chat module helps your team collaborate, analyze, and access the right information.

Use Cases:

  1. Algomo can be used by e-commerce businesses to provide instant and personalized customer support across multiple channels, reducing the need for manual intervention.

  2. Customer service teams in software companies can leverage Algomo to quickly access relevant information from various sources and provide accurate responses to customer queries.

  3. Algomo's multilingual capabilities make it valuable for international businesses looking to deliver personalized customer experiences in different languages.


Algomo is a powerful AI tool that streamlines customer service by reducing queries, providing personalized answers, and enabling seamless collaboration. With its easy setup, data integrations, omnichannel support, and multilingual capabilities, Algomo empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences while saving time and resources.

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Updated Date: 2024-01-26
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