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Open-source testing framework for LLMs & ML models0
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What is Giskard?

Giskard is an AI tool trusted by ML teams that aims to address the shortcomings of ML testing systems. It automates the process of test case creation, report writing, and review meetings, saving valuable time for ML teams. Unlike other MLOps tools, Giskard covers a wide range of AI risks such as robustness, fairness, efficiency, and security. It also promotes standardized methodologies for optimal model deployment and ensures compliance with AI regulations.

Key Features:

1. Automated Error Detection: Giskard automatically detects errors, biases, and security holes in ML models, eliminating the need for manual testing and evaluation reports. This feature saves time and improves the accuracy of model evaluation.

2. Unification of ML Testing: Giskard provides a unified platform for ML testing, allowing teams to use standardized methodologies across projects and teams. This ensures consistency and efficiency in the testing process.

3. AI Quality Management System: Giskard offers an AI quality management system that helps ensure compliance with AI regulations. By using this system, ML teams can avoid potential penalties that could cost up to 6% of their revenue.

Use Cases:

- Data Scientists: Giskard is designed for data scientists who work on business-critical AI applications. It helps them save time on evaluating and testing models, prioritize quality, security, safety, and performance in production, and adhere to Responsible AI principles such as fairness, transparency, and accountability.

- ML Engineers: Giskard is also useful for ML engineers who want to work with the best open-source tools. It allows them to easily integrate Giskard into their workflow and identify vulnerabilities that may affect the performance, fairness, and reliability of their models.

- Quality Specialists: Giskard caters to quality specialists who are responsible for ensuring the quality and compliance of ML models. It provides an enterprise-ready quality assurance platform for collaborative debugging of ML models.

Giskard is a trusted AI tool that addresses the limitations of ML testing systems. It automates testing processes, detects errors and biases, unifies ML testing methodologies, and ensures compliance with AI regulations. With its features designed for data scientists, ML engineers, and quality specialists, Giskard offers a comprehensive solution for ML teams striving for quality, security, and compliance in their AI applications.

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