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Built for brands who want to offer instant, accurate, and 24/7 customer support, along with continuous lead generation and appointment scheduling, all without the need to hire additional agents while enhancing the customer experience.0
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What is PrimeCX AI?

PrimeCX introduces an advanced AI agent, custom-trained on your business data to offer seamless, 24/7 customer support. It captures leads, schedules appointments, and enhances the customer experience, all while reducing the need for human agents. With its no-code chatbot builder and compatibility across major platforms, PrimeCX is a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features:

  1. Custom AI Training:Automatically train the AI agent using your website data, uploaded files, or raw text content for accurate, context-aware responses.

  2. Seamless Deployment:Deploy the AI agent on your website with an embed code, ensuring it goes live instantly and handles customer queries immediately.

  3. Dynamic Content Handling:Respond to various customer queries accurately and instantly about your brand, products, and policies.

  4. Agent Handoff:Seamless transfer to human agents when the AI agent is unable to answer a question, ensuring no customer query is missed.

  5. Analytics Overview:Understand customer needs and support function effectiveness with detailed analytics.

Use Cases:

  1. A small e-commerce site uses PrimeCX to provide 24/7 customer support, significantly increasing customer satisfaction and reducing response time.

  2. A tech company deploys PrimeCX to capture leads from its website, leading to a 40% increase in sales-ready meetings.

  3. An internal team utilizes PrimeCX as a knowledge-sharing AI copilot, reducing support volume and enabling faster problem-solving.


PrimeCX revolutionizes customer support and lead generation by providing a personalized, 24/7 AI solution. Experience a boost in customer satisfaction, a decrease in costs, and an increase in efficiency. Ready to transform your customer experience? Book a call now to get started.


  1. Q: Can PrimeCX integrate with my existing customer support system?
    A:Yes, PrimeCX seamlessly integrates with all major platforms, offering a no-code solution for easy setup and compatibility with your existing systems.

  2. Q: How does PrimeCX ensure accurate responses to customer queries?
    A:PrimeCX is trained on your business data, including FAQs, policies, and product information, ensuring it provides accurate and contextually relevant responses.

  3. Q: Can PrimeCX handle multiple languages?
    A:While PrimeCX's language capabilities may vary, it's designed to handle multiple languages, ensuring broad customer support across various regions and demographics. For specific language support, please contact our team for more details.

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