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Customer support teams can visualize the problem, understand the context, and resolve faster with AI's smart touch. Simple as that.0
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What is SnapCall?

SnapCall revolutionizes customer engagement and satisfaction by enabling visual support through video clips and live video calls. With seamless integration into existing workflows and a focus on security and privacy, SnapCall streamlines customer issue resolution for over 500 companies.

Key Features:

  1. 📹 Video Clips: Customers can easily capture and share photos or videos of their issues, expediting the support process by providing visual context.

  2. 📞 Live Video Calls: Instantly connect with customers through live video calls, facilitating real-time support without any setup hassles.

  3. 🔒 Security & Privacy: SnapCall prioritizes data protection and client privacy, ensuring secure and confidential interactions through encrypted storage and robust security measures.

Use Cases:

  1. E-commerce Troubleshooting: A customer encounters a problem with a product they purchased online. By sending a quick video clip via SnapCall, they effectively communicate the issue to the support team, leading to a swift resolution and heightened satisfaction.

  2. Technical Support Integration: An IT company seamlessly integrates SnapCall into their existing ticketing system. When a client faces a complex issue, the support team utilizes live video calls to troubleshoot in real-time, enhancing clarity and expediting solutions.

  3. Confidential Consultations: A healthcare provider utilizes SnapCall for remote consultations. With a focus on security and privacy, they ensure encrypted video calls, safeguarding sensitive patient information while delivering personalized and confidential care.


SnapCall empowers businesses to enhance customer support efficiency and satisfaction through visual engagement tools like video clips and live video calls. By prioritizing security, privacy, and seamless integration, SnapCall offers a comprehensive solution to streamline customer issue resolution and foster trust with clients.

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