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Twine is an AI receptionist for auto follow-ups and client bookings.0
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What is usetwine?

Twine is an AI-powered software that helps businesses never miss out on potential customers by messaging them when a call is missed. It channels calls directly to the existing phone and uses advanced AI to perform tasks such as booking services, sending payment links, and requesting reviews over SMS. With Twine, businesses can manage their jobs stress-free, provide 24/7 service, and prompt customers to give reviews. The software offers simple pricing with a flat fee per month and includes features like inbound sales optimization and calendar and CRM integration.

Key Features:

1. Missed Call Management: Twine messages customers when a call is missed, ensuring businesses never miss out on potential clients. It channels calls directly to the existing phone and uses AI to perform various tasks like booking services, sending payment links, and requesting reviews over SMS.

2. Job Management: Twine turns missed calls into booking opportunities with its AI system, helping businesses manage their jobs stress-free. It ensures that no client is missed and provides 24/7 service to answer business inquiries.

3. Review and Payment Support: The software prompts customers to give reviews post-service, helping businesses gather valuable feedback. It also sends payment links with invoicing if the business doesn't already have them, making the payment process seamless.

Use Cases:

1. Service-based Businesses: Twine is highly beneficial for service-based businesses like salons, spas, and repair services. It ensures that missed calls from potential customers are converted into bookings, maximizing revenue opportunities. Additionally, the software prompts customers to leave reviews, helping businesses build a positive online reputation.

2. Freelancers and Consultants: Freelancers and consultants often miss calls while working on projects. Twine can help them manage their client inquiries effectively by messaging customers when a call is missed and providing 24/7 service. It also streamlines the payment process by sending payment links and invoices.

3. Small Businesses: Small businesses can greatly benefit from Twine's features as it helps them optimize their inbound sales. The software automatically follows up with potential customers, requests reviews, and integrates with their existing calendar and CRM systems for seamless management.

With Twine, businesses can ensure they never miss out on potential customers and maximize their revenue opportunities. The software's AI-powered features, such as missed call management, job management, and review and payment support, provide businesses with a stress-free way to handle customer inquiries and bookings. Its simple pricing structure and integration capabilities make it an ideal solution for service-based businesses, freelancers, and small businesses. Implementing Twine can significantly improve customer engagement and streamline business operations.

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