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Powered by AI, Ariglad automatically updates your knowledge base articles, and creates new articles by analyzing support tickets and product release notes. We integrate with Zendesk, Notion, Slack and more0
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What is Ariglad?

Ariglad is an innovative AI solution that streamlines your help center's maintenance by automatically updating and creating knowledge base articles from a variety of sources including Zendesk tickets, Slack conversations, and product release notes. It's designed to save your team time, ensure information accuracy, and boost customer satisfaction by offering up-to-date self-service resources.

Key Features:

  1. Real-Time Source Synchronization: Ariglad integrates seamlessly with multiple platforms to synchronize and update your knowledge base in real-time.

  2. Support Ticket Analysis: It analyzes support tickets in Zendesk to identify gaps and update your knowledge base for more comprehensive customer support.

  3. Product Notes Integration: When you launch new features, Ariglad ensures your knowledge base is updated accordingly.

  4. Slack Channel Insights: It leverages content from Slack channels to enhance the knowledge base with user insights.

  5. Team Empowerment: Team members can review and approve AI-generated content, ensuring quality and relevance.

Use Cases:

  1. Identifying and filling gaps in the knowledge base through support tickets analysis.

  2. Keeping the help center up-to-date with new product feature releases.

  3. Utilizing Slack channel interactions to enrich the knowledge base with user-centric content.


Ariglad's AI-driven approach to help center maintenance reduces manual effort, increases efficiency, and ultimately leads to happier customers. With seamless integrations and advanced AI capabilities, it's the perfect solution to optimize your support workflows. Experience the future of help center automation today and elevate your customer support to new heights.


  1. How does Ariglad integrate with my existing support tools?
    Ariglad effortlessly plugs into your CX/CX stack, including Zendesk, Slack, and Notion, ensuring a seamless integration experience.

  2. Is Ariglad secure for my company data?
    Yes, Ariglad is SOC2 certified, providing the highest level of security and compliance to protect your sensitive data.

  3. Can Ariglad help me improve my customer support efficiency?
    Absolutely, Ariglad reduces manual effort, updates your knowledge base in real-time, and enhances customer experience, making your support team more efficient and your customers happier.v

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