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What is is an AI-powered software that automates replies on all support channels, allowing businesses to answer up to 50% of customer and coworker questions automatically. It is easy to set up and saves time, enabling teams to focus on more important tickets. The software supports various helpdesk solutions and can be customized to match the brand's tone of voice. It also offers a human support escape for more specific or personal queries. With, businesses can review conversations, improve documentation, and reduce support tickets. The software can be utilized in multiple channels, such as email, web chat, Slack, Teams, and more.

Key Features: 

1. Automated Replies: automatically answers customer and coworker questions on various support channels, reducing the workload for the support team.

2. Customization: The software allows businesses to configure the text used for each project and channel, enabling full localization and brand tone of voice matching. The web chat widget can also be customized to match the brand's colors.

3. Human Support Escape: In cases where the AI cannot provide an answer, offers a route to the human help desk, capturing the user's name and email for further assistance.

Use Cases: 

- Customer Support: can be used as the first line of support for customer inquiries, whether it's through a website chat bubble, email, or other channels. It automates replies and provides a seamless transition to human support when needed.

- Coworker Support: The software is also effective in handling coworker questions, such as in Slack, Teams, or email. It provides quick answers and easy access to the human support team for additional help.

- Documentation Improvement: helps businesses identify areas where the generative AI may have failed and improve those sections of their documentation. This leads to better documentation and a decrease in support tickets. is the ideal companion for existing helpdesk solutions, offering automated replies and reducing the workload for support teams. With its customization options, businesses can ensure a localized and brand-matched experience for their customers and coworkers. The software provides a human support escape for more complex queries and allows for the review and improvement of conversations and documentation. By utilizing, businesses can streamline their support processes and enhance customer and coworker satisfaction.


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