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We solve 80% of your customers' support inflow on phone, email, and web. You reduce your cost by more than 50%0
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What is

Open is a groundbreaking AI-powered customer support platform designed to revolutionize the way businesses handle customer inquiries. With its advanced capabilities, Open can manage a vast majority of support inflow via various channels like phone, web, WhatsApp, and email, significantly reducing the workload on human agents. The platform not only handles queries but also takes actions, updates data, and seamlessly integrates with existing systems like Zendesk and Intercom. Open’s primary goal is to enhance customer satisfaction by providing quick, accurate, and multilingual support while cutting down operational costs.

Key Features

  1. Automated Support Handling🤖

    • Open efficiently manages 80% of customer support inquiries, reducing the need for extensive human intervention.

  2. Cost-Effective Solution💰

    • Saves businesses over 50% in costs, translating to approximately $100K savings per year for each customer support agent.

  3. Multichannel Support📞📧🌐

    • Offers comprehensive support across phone, email, and web, ensuring customers can reach out through their preferred channels.

  4. Actionable Intelligence📈

    • Capable of taking actions like booking appointments or updating customer accounts, enhancing the overall customer experience.

  5. Seamless Integration🔗

    • Easily integrates with popular platforms like Zendesk and Intercom, enhancing the efficiency of existing customer support systems.

Use Cases

  1. Dental Agency Support🦷

    • A dental agency uses Open to handle appointment bookings and answer common patient queries, significantly reducing wait times and improving patient satisfaction.

  2. E-commerce Customer Service🛍️

    • An e-commerce platform integrates Open to manage order inquiries and process refunds, leading to faster response times and increased customer trust.

  3. Technical Support for a Software Company💻

    • A software company employs Open to provide instant technical support and troubleshooting, enhancing user experience and reducing support costs.


Open is not just a tool; it’s a transformative solution for businesses seeking to streamline their customer support operations. By automating routine inquiries and actions, Open allows human agents to focus on more complex and personalized support tasks. The platform’s ability to integrate with existing systems makes it a versatile addition to any business’s customer support toolkit. With Open, businesses can achieve significant cost savings while providing unparalleled support to their customers. Embrace the future of customer support with Open and experience the difference.

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