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BIK, an advanced AI platform, empowers eCommerce brands by consolidating marketing and support operations, enhancing customer engagement and driving revenue through personalized experiences and efficient multilingual support.0
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What is

BIK, a cutting-edge AI solution for eCommerce brands, revolutionizes marketing and customer support by consolidating operations onto a single platform. With AI-driven features for Instagram, WhatsApp, email, helpdesk, gamification, and customer data analytics, BIK boosts productivity, engagement, and sales. It translates customer tickets in real time, understands customer intent, and provides personalized product recommendations, enhancing the customer journey and driving higher conversion rates.

Key Features:

  1. AI-Driven Helpdesk:Increases customer support team productivity by 60% across all channels, using AI to translate foreign language tickets in real time.

  2. Instagram AI:Understands customer intent, directing them to the right resolution and providing spot-on product recommendations.

  3. Multi-Channel AI Assistant:Engages customers in their preferred language, saving time and cost on human resources.

  4. AI Classify:Directs customers to the most appropriate resolution based on their intent.

  5. AI Reply:Automates customer journey with accurate AI-generated responses.

Use Cases:

  1. An eCommerce brand uses BIK's AI helpdesk to manage multilingual customer support, increasing team productivity and customer satisfaction.

  2. A DTC fashion brand implements BIK's Instagram AI to recommend products based on user interactions, boosting sales and engagement.

  3. A beauty brand utilizes BIK's AI classify feature to route customer inquiries, reducing resolution time and enhancing customer experience.


BIK's AI technology transforms eCommerce by streamlining marketing and support, delivering personalized experiences, and driving revenue growth. Book a demo to discover how BIK can revolutionize your business.


  1. What is BIK's AI helpdesk feature?
    BIK's AI helpdesk increases support team productivity by 60% across all channels, translating customer tickets in real time and automating responses.

  2. How does BIK's Instagram AI improve product recommendations?
    BIK's Instagram AI integrates with your eCommerce platform, providing spot-on product recommendations that match user preferences and search history.

  3. Can BIK handle multi-channel customer support?
    Yes, BIK's multi-channel AI assistant engages customers across various platforms in their preferred language, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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